2018 House Election Live Results

All 435 House seats to be contested in 2018

Live Results shows all races that have been called.
Forecast takes the Live Results and adds in the Starting Projection for those elections yet to be decided. This will let you track how the Battle for Control is playing out. At the end, the Live Results and Forecast will be the same.

The table below the national map displays just those seats changing party. Use the dropdown in the map area to see all results for a specific state.

For live vote totals, click/tap a district (or state) or use the LIVE link in the table below the map.

Updated: Oct 07, 2022 3:33pm

no 2018 election
no 2018 election

United States House

Battle for Control

Current 197 236
No Election 0 0
Decided 0 0
Total (Live) 0 0
Remaining 435
Safe 180 133
Likely 14 37
Leaning 16 27
Toss-up 28
Forecast 210 197

House control goes to party with a total of 218 or more.

District Incumbent Party Forecast Actual LIVE