2024 Presidential Election Polls

This page displays the current 270toWin Polling Average for each state. Where that is not applicable, the most recent 2024 presidential election poll is used. The average methodology is summarized below the table.

Use the sort to view the polls in different ways. Select a state name to see its presidential voting history. Select the link below each chart to see all the polling detail for that state. Numbers in parentheses represent that state's electoral votes.

Biden Trump Other

No chart for your state? It will be added when polling is available.

* The average includes all polls within seven days of the date of the most recent poll, limited to one poll from any source. If there are fewer than five, the window is expanded to 30 days or five polls, whichever comes first. In the latter scenario, if there are multiple qualifying polls on the same calendar date as the oldest poll used, those will also be included.