2018 Election Live Results


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On this Page: U.S. Senate, Governor, U.S. Representative (27 congressional districts)

Results Expected: After 9:00 PM Eastern Time

U.S. Senate

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) is heavily favored to win a 3rd term. She is subsequently expected to consider running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020. 2022: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D, 4th term). Schumer is likely to become majority leader should Democrats gain control of the Senate in the midterm elections.


Incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is expected to win a 3rd term.

U.S. House

27 Congressional Districts: 18* Democrats | 9 Republicans

This will be an interesting state to watch. There are nine Republicans in New York's 27 member delegation. Heading into Election Day, none are completely safe. Individually, however, none jump out as likely to lose. Eight of these nine districts were won by Donald Trump in 2016.

All 26 incumbents are on the ballot, although one of them, Rep. Joseph Crowley was defeated in the Democratic primary by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. However, Crowley was separately nominated by the Working Families party, and remains on the ballot. 

Highly Competitive: 19th, 22nd
These are the only two races here seen as toss-ups.  Both are held by freshman Republicans. 

Competitive: 11th, 24th, 27th
The 11th district is the only New York City district held by a Republican. The 24th is the only one of the nine districts in these three groupings won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. The 27th is the most conservative district in the state. However, the incumbent, Rep. Chris Collins is under indictment.

Others to Watch: 1st, 2nd, 21st, 23rd
These districts - two in Long Island and two upstate - are all low likelihood Democratic pick-up opportunities.  The most interesting one to watch is the 2nd, where 13-term Rep. Peter King has always won re-election by double-digit margins. He's got a well-funded opponent in Liuba Grechen Shirley.

*Includes one vacancy in NY-25. A special election is being held to complete the term.