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Live Results: New Jersey 10th Congressional District Special Primary

The death of Democratic Rep. Donald Payne Jr. in April created a vacancy in New Jersey's 10th congressional district. Party nominees will be chosen Tuesday, with a special general election on September 18.

The winner of the special election will serve through the end of the year.

Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern.

Introducing the 2024 Presidential Election Simulator

The 2024 Presidential Election Simulator and related statistics are now available on 270toWin. You can conduct individual simulated elections on your own or review the results of 25,000 simulations conducted each morning. 

The simulator is largely based on a data-driven presidential model created by JHK forecasts.

The model encompasses both fundamentals and polling. It also accounts for uncertainty, which will decrease as the election draws closer. Since we are still over 100 days from the election, that uncertainty means that any single simulation might produce a result that seems unrealistic.

Electoral Maps: Compare the Consensus Forecast to Polling

Compare the expert consensus forecast with a map based exclusively on polling.  

The major difference is that the expert forecast is forward looking (i.e., the election is in November), while the polling map is more of a look at "if the election was today." 

As the election draws near, the two maps should converge. State-level polling will become more frequent, and will also get greater weighting in the expert forecasts.

Live Results: Wisconsin State Senate Special Primary

This holiday week brings us just one election.

Wisconsin State Senate District 4 (Primary)

Republicans hold a large 22-10 margin in the Wisconsin State Senate. Members serve four-year, staggered terms. The even-numbered districts are up for election this year.

Republican Michael Rulli, Winner of Ohio Special Election, Sworn in to Congress

Rep. Michael Rulli (R) was sworn in Tuesday as the newest member of Congress. Rulli won his seat in a special election earlier this month. He will complete the term of fellow Republican Bill Johnson, who resigned earlier this year.

Republicans now hold a 219-213 partisan edge in the U.S. House. 

Overview and Live Results: Colorado, New York, Utah Primaries; South Carolina Runoffs

Colorado, New York, and Utah hold statewide primaries Tuesday. There are also runoffs from the South Carolina primary earlier this month. These are the final down-ballot primaries until late July.

There is also a special election to fill a vacancy in the U.S. House. As it coincides with the regular primary, see 'Colorado District 4' in the U.S. House section below.

Use the links below for full results, which will be available after the last poll closings shown (Eastern Time).

Update: Virginia Congressional District 5 Republican Primary

The Republican primary in Virginia's 5th congressional district remains uncalled as of Friday morning. 

Counting wrapped up on Tuesday's primary night with John McGuire holding a 327 vote margin over Rep. Bob Good. This total included the preliminary vote count from all precincts, but some mail-in and provisional ballots remained outstanding. Valid mailed ballots that arrive as late as noon Friday will be counted. 

McGuire claimed victory, but media outlets have said the race remains too close to call.

Overview and Live Results: Oklahoma and Virginia Primaries; Georgia Runoffs

Oklahoma and Virginia hold statewide primaries Tuesday. There are also runoffs from Georgia's May primary. 

Use the links below for full results, which will be available after the last poll closings shown (Eastern Time).

Georgia (Runoffs) - 7:00 PM Oklahoma - 8:00 PM* Virginia - 7:00 PM

* 7:00 PM local time

There are also a few state legislative special primaries in Oklahoma and Alabama. Results >>

Most of the primaries worth watching this week are for U.S. House. We discuss those below, along with one Senate contest.

U.S. Senate


Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine is seeking a third term; he faces no primary opposition.

Five Republicans are seeking the nomination. The frontrunners appear to be Navy Veteran Hung Cao and former Club for Growth VP Scott Parkinson.

Live Results: Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina Primaries

The 2024 presidential nominating contests wrapped up this past week. 27 states have yet to hold a down-ballot primary. Those will take place through September 10.

See the calendar >>

Four of those states have primaries Tuesday. Separately, there is a U.S. House special election in Ohio and a congressional age limit ballot initiative in North Dakota. Use the links below for full results. Displayed are the latest poll closings converted to Eastern Time.

Guam and U.S. Virgin Islands Democratic Caucuses

Democrats in Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands will host the final major party nominating contests of 2024 on Saturday (local time). We are not expecting vote counts from either location, but will update the delegate totals after the information becomes available.

Each of the two territories has seven pledged delegates. These will be awarded proportionately to any candidate with at least 15% support.