2018 Senate Election Live Results

35 U.S. Senate seats to be contested in 2018

Live Results shows all races that have been called.
Forecast takes the Live Results and adds in the Starting Projection for those elections yet to be decided. This will let you track how the Battle for Control is playing out. At the end, the Live Results and Forecast will be the same.

For live vote totals, click/tap a state or use the LIVE link in the table below the map.

Updated: Oct 07, 2022 3:02pm

no 2018 election
no 2018 election

United States Senate

Battle for Control

Current 49 51
No Election 23 42
Decided 0 1
Total (Live) 23 43
Remaining 34
Safe 14 4
Likely 5 0
Leaning 2 3
Toss-up 6
Forecast 44 50
Vice President
Total 44 50

Vice President breaks ties. Senate control goes to party with a total of 51 or more.

State Incumbent Party Forecast Actual Polls LIVE
AZ Jeff Flake
Incumbent not running for re-election in 2018.
CA Dianne Feinstein
CT Chris Murphy
DE Tom Carper
FL Bill Nelson
HI Mazie Hirono
IN Joe Donnelly
MA Elizabeth Warren
MD Ben Cardin
ME Angus King
MI Debbie Stabenow
MN Amy Klobuchar
MN Tina Smith
MO Claire McCaskill
MS Roger Wicker
MS Cindy Hyde-Smith
Incumbent Re-elected
MT Jon Tester
ND Heidi Heitkamp
NE Deb Fischer
NJ Bob Menendez
NM Martin Heinrich
NV Dean Heller
NY Kirsten Gillibrand
OH Sherrod Brown
PA Bob Casey
RI Sheldon Whitehouse
TN Bob Corker
Incumbent not running for re-election in 2018.
TX Ted Cruz
UT Orrin Hatch
Incumbent not running for re-election in 2018.
VA Tim Kaine
VT Bernie Sanders
WA Maria Cantwell
WI Tammy Baldwin
WV Joe Manchin
WY John Barrasso