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GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman Loses Renomination Bid at Virginia Party Convention

Freshman GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman was defeated in his bid for renomination at a district party convention Saturday.  He lost to former county supervisor Bob Good, who challenged Riggleman from the right.  

While most nominees are chosen in a traditional primary process, Virginia allows district party committees the option to instead choose their nominees at a party convention. The state's regular primaries are scheduled for June 23.

The 5th district is the state's largest by land area, stretching from the exurbs of Washington D.C. southward through the central part of the state to the North Carolina border. Riggleman was elected by 6.5% in 2018 after his predecessor Tom Garrett (R) did not seek reelection. Donald Trump won the district by 11 points in 2016. 

Carolyn Bourdeaux Avoids Runoff; Wins GA-7 Democratic Primary

Carolyn Bourdeaux has won the Democratic primary for Georgia's 7th congressional district, avoiding an August runoff.  As ballots from the largely mail-in primary continue to be counted, she has crossed the 50% threshold, with that number expected to continue to grow as the remaining ballots are counted.

The race was called late Saturday afternoon by our results provider Decision Desk HQ.

John Ossoff Wins Democratic Nomination for U.S. Senate in Georgia

Following up on an earlier story, John Ossoff is now projected to be the outright winner of the Georgia Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate. By exceeding 50% of the vote, Ossoff will avoid an August runoff.

Ossoff will challenge incumbent Republican Sen. David Purdue in November.   

Ossoff Hopes to Avoid Runoff in Bid for Georgia Democratic Senate Nomination

Jon Ossoff will finish first in Tuesday's Georgia Democratic Senate primary. It still remains to be seen if he will end up with more than 50% of the vote, which is needed to avoid an August 11 runoff. Former Columbus mayor Teresa Tomlinson is currently in second place. 

As of late Wednesday, with 95% of precincts reporting, Ossoff had 50.2% of the vote, a percentage that has climbed several points from earlier in the day.

The latest live results are below. 

June 9 is Primary Day in Five States: Overview and Live Results

Joe Biden formally clinched the Democratic nomination over the weekend, ending what little suspense was left in finalizing the top of the ticket. Nonetheless, Georgia and West Virginia hold their presidential primaries on Tuesday, as Biden continues to build his delegate count heading toward the August convention. Those states, as well as Nevada, North Dakota and South Carolina also have congressional and - where applicable - gubernatorial primaries.

On this page, we provide an overview and live results for some of Tuesday's key primary elections. Associated with each section is a link to live results for the remainder of the state's contested primaries.  

Polls Close (Eastern Time)

Update: Polling places in Fulton County, Georgia (Atlanta and some suburbs) will remain open until 9:00 PM Eastern. As a result, we don't expect much - if anything - in the way of results prior to that time.

Your individual polling place may have different hours. Do not rely on this schedule to determine when to vote. 

7:00 PM Georgia, South Carolina
7:30 PM West Virginia
9:00 PM North Dakota*
10:00 PM Nevada

*Many polling places close an hour earlier

Results by State

Georgia Nevada North Dakota South Carolina West Virginia



For any congressional primary (Senate or House) where no candidate gets a majority of the vote, the top two finishers will meet in an August 11 runoff election.

President: There are 105 pledged delegates available in the Democratic presidential primary.

The Road to 270: Missouri

The Road to 270 is a weekly column leading up to the presidential election. Each installment is dedicated to understanding one state’s political landscape and how that might influence which party will win its electoral votes in 2020. We’ll do these roughly in order of expected competitiveness, moving toward the most intensely contested battlegrounds as election day nears. 

The Road to 270 will be published every Monday. The column is written by Drew Savicki, a 270toWin elections and politics contributor. Contact Drew via email or on Twitter @DrewSav.

Joe Biden Clinches Democratic Nomination

Former Vice-President Joe Biden clinched the Democratic nomination on Friday, having locked up the necessary delegates per the latest tabulation of The Associated Press. As of Saturday morning, Biden has won 1,995 delegates, four more than the 1,991 needed to win on the first ballot.

Biden has been the presumptive nominee since early April, when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders exited the race in the midst of a pandemic that had essentially frozen the presidential race in place. 

Joe Biden 35 Delegates From Clinching Democratic Nomination

Joe Biden, the presumptive nominee for nearly two months, is just 35 pledged delegates away from the 1,991 needed to clinch the Democratic nomination.  This is based on the latest count of the Associated Press.  Biden has thus far claimed 390 delegates from Tuesday's primaries, with Bernie Sanders earning 33. There are 56 delegates still to be awarded.  

If Biden comes up a bit short after this week's primaries, he will almost certainly cross the threshold just after Georgia polls close next Tuesday.

Rep. Steve King Loses Primary; Seat Moves to Safe Republican in November

Nine-term incumbent Rep. Steve King was defeated Tuesday in the GOP primary for Iowa's 4th congressional district. King, more-or-less abandoned by the party after a long history of controversial comments, was defeated by state Senator Randy Feenstra. 

While Democrats are undoubtedly happy to see King go, his loss effectively takes the district out of play for November.  Democrat J.D. Scholten - renominated on Tuesday - held King to a three point win in 2018.  However, Donald Trump won this conservative district by 27% over Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Feenstra will likely be its next member of Congress.

Most pundits updated their rating to Safe Republican, and that is also reflected on the Consensus 2020 House Map.

Nine States and DC Hold Primaries Today: Overview and Live Results

Rescheduled primaries have led to June 2 being one of the busier days on the 2020 calendar.  Seven states and the District of Columbia will hold presidential primaries. Six of those states will also hold downballot primaries, as will Idaho and Iowa.  Those latter two states held their presidential primaries earlier this year.

Polls Close (Eastern Time)

Your individual polling place may have different hours. Do not rely on this to determine when to vote. Total Democratic pledged delegates by closing time* are displayed

6:00 PM 0 Indiana+ (ET)
7:00 PM 82 Indiana+ (CT) (82)
8:00 PM 328 District of Columbia (20), Maryland (96), Pennsylvania (186), Rhode Island (26), South Dakota+ (CT)
9:00 PM 50 New Mexico (34) South Dakota+ (MT) (16)
10:00 PM 19 Idaho^ (MT), Iowa, Montana (19) 
11:00 PM 0 Idaho^ (PT) 

*For states holding presidential primaries today.
+Indiana polls close 6:00 PM local time; South Dakota is 7:00 PM local time. Delegate count is listed with the later ET closing.
^Ballots not yet mailed can be returned to a drop box before 8:00 PM local time.

Democratic Delegate Count

Heading into June 2, presumptive nominee Joe Biden is 425 delegates short of the 1,991 he needs to clinch the Democratic nomination. 479 delegates are available Tuesday. While it is mathematically possible for Biden to get there, he'll need to hold Bernie Sanders below 15% in almost all the jurisdictions (states and individual congressional districts) distributing delegates today.  If he doesn't make it Tuesday, he'll almost certainly cross the threshold with primaries next week1 1If Biden is very close to 1,991 after Tuesday, the next opportunity will come with the Virgin Islands caucus this Saturday. Seven delegates are available. in Georgia and West Virginia.

A late caveat:  Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf issued an executive order on June 1 extending the deadline for some ballots returned by mail to be received and counted. It applies only to six of the state's 67 counties, but those counties include Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  Since the ballots must be postmarked by June 2, we may still see some presidential vote counts Tuesday, and perhaps a projected winner. However, it is unclear how many delegates will be projected before the June 9 deadline.  As the state has nearly 40% of the 479 delegates available, this change may remove the possibility of Biden reaching 1,991 before next Tuesday. 

Results Summary

Results by State

Idaho Indiana Iowa Maryland Montana
New Mexico Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Dakota Washington, D.C.

The Democratic presidential primary results as well as results for other races we're watching closely are on this page, broken out by state.  There are links to the full results for each state, including - as applicable - presidential, congressional and gubernatorial primaries.


Idaho held its presidential primary on March 10. 

June 2 is the extended deadline to receive ballots for a primary that has been conducted entirely by mail. 

Senate/House: While there are a couple congressional primaries, the U.S. Senate seat held by Jim Risch as well as both congressional districts are seen as safely Republican this November.