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Rep. Kelly Armstrong to Run for Governor of North Dakota

Kelly Armstrong, the at-large representative for North Dakota, said Tuesday that he will run for governor this year. Armstrong will look to succeed fellow Republican Doug Burgum, who announced his retirement the previous day.

Armstrong is in his third term in the U.S. House. He won by 25% over an independent candidate in 2022. Democratic nominee Mark Haugen withdrew before the election. The seat is safely Republican in 2024.

The governorship is also expected to remain under GOP control; the state last elected a Democrat to that position in 1988. 

41 current House members - 23 Democrats and 18 Republicans - are not seeking reelection this year. That number includes retirements, those running for another office, and one pending resignation.

Overview and Live Results: New Hampshire Presidential Primary

For over 100 years, New Hampshire has had the first presidential primary.  That tradition continues this year, although things are a little convoluted on the Democratic side.

Polls close at either 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Generally, polling places in larger cities and towns are open until the later time. For a full statewide list, click here.

While first results are expected in the 7:00 PM hour, no race calls will be made until after the final polls close.

Live Results: New Hampshire and Connecticut Legislative Special Elections

While the focus will be on the state's presidential primary Tuesday, some New Hampshire residents will also be able to weigh in on vacancies in the State House.

There is also a special election in Connecticut.

New Hampshire State House

Dixville Notch Votes Kick Off the New Hampshire Primary at Midnight: Live Results

Continuing a tradition that dates to 1960, the residents of Dixville Notch, a small community in the northern part of New Hampshire, will cast the nation's first presidential primary votes at midnight (Eastern Time).

There are six registered voters, four Republicans and two independents, the latter of whom can vote in either party primary. Once all six of the votes are cast, the polling place is allowed to close and report its results. This should happen fairly quickly after midnight.

Results will appear below once available.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum Won't Seek a Third Term This Year

North Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum announced on X (formerly Twitter) that he will not seek a third term this year. 

The move comes about six weeks after Burgum dropped his unsuccessful effort to win the Republican presidential nomination. 

While no specific reason was cited, Burgum was supportive of a term limits initiative approved by voters in 2022 that will limit future governors to two terms in a lifetime.

2024 Gubernatorial Elections

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Ends His Campaign for President

Florida Gov. RonDeSantis dropped his bid for president on Sunday, leaving just one prominent Republican challenger to former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis made his announcement via video posted to X, formerly Twitter, the same platform where his campaign had a glitch-filled rollout last May. 

DeSantis endorsed Trump in the video, while saying that Nikki Haley represents a "warmed over corporatism" that the GOP cannot return to.

Haley, the former South Carolina Governor, is now the only major candidate standing between Trump and his third consecutive Republican nomination.

New Hampshire Primary

South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan Won't Seek Reelection

Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC-03) announced his retirement today. This brings to 41 the number of current members retiring, resigning, or seeking another office this year. 

Live Results: Florida State House Special Election

There is one special election on Tuesday. It is for a battleground district in the Florida House. Polls close at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Florida State House District 35

Republicans hold a commanding 84-35 majority in the Florida House of Representatives. There is one vacancy to be filled via this special election. Members serve two-year terms; the next elections are in November.

Trump Wins Iowa Caucuses; DeSantis Takes Second; Ramaswamy Drops Out

Recapping the Iowa caucuses, with a look ahead to New Hampshire.

Trump Wins Easily, as Expected

As he eyes a third consecutive GOP nomination and a return to the White House, Donald Trump had little trouble winning the first contest of the 2024 presidential election

Overview and Live Results: Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses

As has been the case since 1972, the 2024 presidential calendar kicks off with the Iowa caucuses on Monday evening. In a shift from prior cycles, only Republicans will hold a presidential preference vote.

Republican Party

Live Results

Republicans will caucus beginning at 7:00 PM Central Time Monday. The Iowa GOP runs the caucuses, which encompass 1,657 precincts.  First results, from smaller precincts, may be available within the first hour, with the whole process playing out over several hours.