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Joe Biden Wins Missouri Democratic Primary

Missouri Democrats held a party-run Democratic primary this past Saturday. Ballots could be cast across four hours ending at noon, local time.

The party said results would be available by March 28; it was able to beat that self-imposed deadline by two days. 

As expected, President Biden won easily, adding to his large delegate advantage. 

Live Results: Louisiana Presidential Primary

Voters in Louisiana head to the polls Saturday for the state's presidential primary. Although a large number of candidates remain on each ballot, presumptive nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump are expected to pad their insurmountable delegate leads.

Polls close at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

Democratic Party

There are 48 pledged delegates. 16 of them will be allocated based on the statewide vote, while 32 of them are associated with the state's 6 congressional districts. The number of delegates in each district ranges from 4 to 8, based on how Democratic the district has voted in recent elections. 

In each case, delegates are allocated proportionately to candidates receiving at least 15% of the vote. Given that threshold, Biden is likely to win all of them.

Overview and Live Results: Illinois and Ohio Primaries

This Tuesday is headlined by the statewide primaries in Illinois and Ohio.  Of particular interest is the GOP U.S. Senate primary in Ohio, but there are also a few notable U.S. House contests across the two states.

Results for key races are on this page. For full results, use the links below.

Illinois Ohio

Five states are holding presidential primaries. In addition to Illinois and Ohio, voters will make their preferences known in Arizona, Florida (GOP only), and Kansas. Presumptive nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump are expected to easily win them all. Use the links below for those results and updated delegate counts.

President - Democratic Primaries President - Republican Primaries

Also on tap are special primaries for U.S. House vacancies in California and Ohio. Finally, there are some legislative special elections

Polls Close (Eastern Time)

Your individual polling place may have different hours. Do not rely on this to determine when to vote. 

7:00 PM Florida^
7:30 PM Ohio
8:00 PM Illinois, Kansas*
10:00 PM Arizona+
11:00 PM California

*9:00 PM ET in the far western part of the state on Mountain Time.  +9:00 PM ET for Navajo Nation land. ^8:00 PM ET in Panhandle areas on Central Time.

U.S Senate

Ohio (Republican)

There are currently only five states with U.S. Senators of different parties. This is the smallest number since the direct election of Senators began in 1914. All five of the states have a seat up for election in 2024 and in all five cases it is the seat currently held by a Democrat.1 1Angus King of Maine is an independent who caucuses with the Democratic Party.

Sen. Joe Manchin is retiring in West Virginia, the reddest of these states. His seat is almost certain to flip to the GOP. The Democratic incumbent is currently seen as a slight favorite in Wisconsin, while Maine isn't expected to be competitive. 

Northern Mariana Islands Republican Caucus

The first Republican contest since Donald Trump clinched the nomination takes place on Friday (local time) in the Northern Mariana Islands.  The caucus ends at 6:00 AM Friday Eastern Time. 

This event is taking place on March 15, the earliest date that the GOP allows winner take all delegate allocations for a plurality vote. That is the methodology here, with nine delegates going to the winner. Of course, with only one candidate remaining in a race that has been decided, it is all sort of irrelevant.

The timing of results is unclear but the table below will populate when available.

Biden and Trump Poised to Clinch Party Nominations: Live Results for March 12 Primaries

A rematch of the 2020 presidential election will take another step toward being official on Tuesday. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are expected to surpass the delegate threshold needed to clinch their respective party's nomination.

Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington hold presidential primaries. Off the mainland, Republicans will caucus in Hawaii and a week of voting will come to an end for Democrats in the Northern Mariana Islands.

There are also congressional primaries in Mississippi. All Mississippi Results >>

Live Results: American Samoa Republican Caucus

Republicans in American Samoa will caucus on Friday. This is the party's first nominating contest since Nikki Haley withdrew from the race after Super Tuesday.

The event will take place from 11:30 PM Friday to 2:30 AM Saturday Eastern Time. 

Overview and Live Results: Hawaii Democratic Caucus

Perhaps not wanting to share the spotlight with the other Super Tuesday states, Democrats in Hawaii hold their caucus on Wednesday.

President Biden is on the ballot, as is Rep. Dean Phillips, who ended his campaign today. Also on the ballot is Jason Palmer, fresh off his unexpected win in the American Samoa caucus on Tuesday. There are two other candidates, as well as an Uncommitted line.

Caucus sites are open from 11:00 PM March 6 to 1:00 AM March 7 Eastern Time. 

Live Results: Congressional Primaries Highlight Super Tuesday, as a Presidential Rematch Draws Closer

Super Tuesday has arrived. While it is the busiest day on the presidential nominating calendar, not much is expected in terms of competitive excitement. Joe Biden and Donald Trump should make large strides toward the delegate counts needed to clinch their respective nominations.

The first regular statewide primaries for 2024 are also taking place; candidates will be nominated for a variety of offices for the November 5 general election. 

Races to Watch >>

Scroll down to see live results from some of Tuesday's most interesting downballot primaries, or click the link above.


Each party will hold 15 nominating contests, although the list varies slightly by party. On the Democratic side, results will also be announced from Iowa, which has conducted a mail-in preference vote that began in January.

Use the links below for live results:

President - Democratic Primaries President - Republican Primaries


Delegate Counts

Democrats have 1,420 pledged delegates up for grabs, while Republican contests total 865. In each case, that is over 35% of the party's total available across all nominating contests.

Overview and Live Results: North Dakota Republican Presidential Caucus

Republicans in several states held caucuses or party-run primaries this past weekend. That activity continues Monday - the eve of Super Tuesday - with the North Dakota caucuses. This is structured more like a party-run primary: participants show up at one of 12 sites, vote and leave. 

Caucus sites are open from 6:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern Time. Results are expected around 10:00 PM Eastern.

Overview and Live Results: District of Columbia Republican Presidential Primary

District of Columbia Republicans are holding a three-day presidential primary. The event began Friday, and will wrap up at 7:00 PM Eastern Time Sunday. The party will release results at some point after that.

Only registered Republicans are eligible to participate. Those are few and far between here, comprising about 5% of the City's electorate. However, the demographics of the group present Nikki Haley with perhaps her best opportunity to defeat Donald Trump in a contest, given the current trajectory of the race.