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Overview and Live Results: January 31 Legislative Special Elections

This Tuesday, we're tracking six legislative special elections, including two runoffs. Four of these are in Georgia, with one each in Mississippi and Pennsylvania.


Polls close at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. 

State Senate District 11

Republicans hold a 32-23 majority over Democrats in the Georgia State Senate. Members serve two-year terms, with the next regular elections in 2024.

Live Results: Tennessee House District 86 Special Primary

Republicans dominate the Tennessee State House, holding 75 of 99 seats. There are 23 Democrats along with one vacancy. Members serve two-year terms, with the next regular elections in November, 2024.

District 86 is in the far western part of the state, including portions of Memphis. Democrat Barbara Cooper died at 93 in October, 2022. She was posthumously reelected in November by a 73% to 27% margin over an independent challenger. Cooper had served in the House since 1996.

Ten candidates are on the Democratic primary ballot to succeed Cooper. This includes Cooper's daughter, Tanya.

Introducing the 2024 Senate Interactive Map

The 2024 Senate Interactive Map is now live. There are 34 seats up in 2024 - including a special election in Nebraska - of which 23 are held by Democrats or independents currently associated with the party.

Democrats hold the majority, controlling 51 of 100 seats as the 118th Congress gets underway. For Republicans to retake control in 2025, they will need a net gain of two seats or one seat along with a victory in the 2024 presidential election.

Independents: The Senate's three independents are up for election in 2024. Along with the usual major party options, the 2024 map allows you to choose an independent in Arizona, Maine, and Vermont. A set of purple gradients is used. Separately, you can elect how to count each independent for purposes of determining the party in control.

Live Results: Virginia, Mississippi Legislative Special Elections

Four legislative special elections - three in Virginia, and one in Mississippi - are being contested Tuesday, January 10.

Polls close at 7:00 PM in Virginia and 8:00 PM in Mississippi (all times Eastern).

Virginia State Senate District 7

Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow Won't Seek Reelection

Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow will not seek a fifth term in 2024, she announced Thursday. 

Stabenow is the second Senator to retire this cycle, joining Republican Mike Braun, who is running for Indiana governor.

Inside Election's Erin Covey has this overview of who might try to succeed Stabenow. Covey notes that "it’s likely to be one of the top races in the country for the entire cycle, with the presidential race at the top of the ballot having an impact on the Senate winner."

The 2024 Senate Map

Live Results from the First Special Election of 2023

Georgia kicks off the 2023 special election calendar Tuesday. Republican David Ralston, the powerful long-time House Speaker, died in November, shortly after announcing he would be stepping down from that role due to health issues. 

House District 7 is in a very conservative part of North Georgia. That is reflected on the special election ballot, where five Republicans are looking to succeed Ralston. The candidates include his widow, Sheree. If no candidate gets a majority of the vote, the top two finishers will meet in a January 31 runoff.

Polls close at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

The 2024 U.S. House Interactive Map is Live

The 2024 House Interactive Map is now available. Republicans took control of the House in the 2022 midterms, and will hold a 222-213 partisan edge when the new Congress is seated on January 3. Interestingly, that total is a mirror of the 222-213 Democratic margin prior to the election.

Note that the Democratic total includes a vacancy in Virginia's 4th congressional district, which Democrats are favored to hold in a February 21 special election. Until then, and barring any other vacancies, the GOP will hold a 222-212 margin.

The following two Library Maps are initially available. Click on either of them for an interactive version.

Virginia District 4 Democrats Nominate Jennifer McClellan for Congressional Special Election

Democrats selected Virginia state Sen. Jennifer McClellan as their nominee for a February special election to fill the vacancy in the state's 4th congressional district. McClellan won 85% of the vote in Tuesday's party-run primary, which included three other hopefuls. After hand-counting the vote, full results were released early Thursday morning.

McClellan will be favored in the February 21 special election for this Richmond area district. A win would make her the state's first Black woman in Congress.

Introducing the 2023-2024 Interactive Governor Map

The 2023-2024 Interactive Governor Map is now available. 14 states will hold gubernatorial elections through 2024. Three of those - Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi - will take place in 2023.

Nine new governors elected in 2022 will take office through January 18, at which time the partisan composition will be 26 Republicans and 24 Democrats. 

The following Library Maps are initially available. Click on any of them for an interactive version.

Live Results: Georgia State House District 129 Special Primary Election

Tuesday's Special Democratic Primary in Georgia State House District 129 will wrap up the 2022 election calendar (at least for races we follow). 

The November general election for this seat was won posthumously by Democrat Henry Howard, who was running unopposed. Howard, who had served in the State House since 2007, died in October. Note that Howard had been serving as District 124 representative prior to his death; District 129 is the successor created in redistricting.

Interestingly, because no other parties qualified for the regular November election, only Democrats are eligible to win the seat in this special election. There are four on the ballot.  If a candidate gets a majority of the vote, they are elected. Otherwise, the top two finishers will meet in a January 17 runoff.