Murphy Favored for 2nd Term as New Jersey Governor; Democratic Governing Trifecta Expected to Continue

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New Jersey

Elections will be held for governor and both chambers of the state legislature. Democrats are likely to maintain their governing trifecta by again winning the governor's office and majorities in both the state senate and state house. Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.


While history says otherwise - no Democrat has been reelected as governor here since 1977 - Gov. Phil Murphy is favored to win a second term over the Republican nominee, Jack Ciattarelli. Recent polling has been pretty consistent, with Murphy holding an 8% lead in the Real Clear Politics average. 

Unlike in Virginia, the governor and lieutenant governor run as a joint ticket here.


State Senate

There are 40 Senate districts in New Jersey. Democrats hold a 25-14 edge, and are expected to maintain control after Tuesday's elections. There is one vacancy.1 1That open seat is in District 2. It is one of the most competitive districts in the state. Republican Chris Brown resigned in July to take a job in Gov. Murphy's administration. The 2021 elections are for a two-year term.2 2New Jersey has a 2-4-4 system for Senators, where the election that takes place in a redistricting year is for a two-year term. The next two elections are for four-year terms.

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General Assembly 

The New Jersey State House is known as the General Assembly. Heading into the election, it is comprised of 52 Democrats and 28 Republicans. 

There are 40 Assembly districts in the state, each with the same boundaries as the corresponding State Senate district. However, each district has two assembly members. As a result, the top two finishers in each district will be elected. Overall, the number of seats won by each party is likely to be pretty close to the current totals.

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