Electoral College Tie Finder

Read more about what happens if no candidate reaches 270 electoral votes.

While unlikely, a 269-269 tie is not out of the question in a competitive 2024 presidential election. Use the calculator below to find all tie scenarios for a group of undecided locations (states and/or districts*).

The tie finder is based on the map below. In that map, locations decided by <5% in 2020 are displayed as toss-up, while those decided by 5-10% are shown as light red/blue. This corresponds to the icons below. The numbers in parentheses represent that location’s electoral votes.

Select a state or district to change its setting. As you do that, the available electoral tie combinations will update, as will the electoral vote count for each party.

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(2) †



A maximum of 12 states/districts can be included in the tie calculator
If 12 are decided, others will only rotate between red/blue
† At-large

States and Districts Decided by < 5% Margin in 2020









* Maine and Nebraska can split their electoral votes. Included in the tie finder are each state’s 2nd congressional district as well as Maine at-large.