Live Results: Republican Caucus in Nevada and US Virgin Islands

Republicans in Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands will caucus on Thursday. There are 30 total delegates up for grabs, 26 of them in Nevada.

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Donald Trump could not have asked for a better outcome from Tuesday's primary. Nikki Haley, his lone remaining major challenger, lost decisively to "None of These Candidates", a ballot option unique to Nevada.

Tuesday's contest carried no weight toward the nomination, as the Nevada GOP decided to continue its tradition of using a caucus to allocate delegates. For more background, refer to our Nevada primary overview.

Thursday's caucus is a party-run event, and the party gets to set the rules. Registered Republicans can participate, even if they voted in the primary.

In terms of the ballot, there are two notable differences compared to the state primary:

  • Candidates that entered the caucus, but who have since suspended their campaign have been removed
  • "None of These Candidates" is not an option

Caucus participants will be able to choose between Trump and Ryan Binkley. 

Live Results

The caucuses will take place from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM local time (8:00 PM to 10:30 PM Eastern). 


There are 26 delegates to be allocated proportionately based on the statewide vote.

With only two options for voters, and a low threshold (about 4%) to earn a delegate, there might have been an opportunity here for Haley partisans to vote for Binkley, and perhaps help him pick off a delegate or two.

Keeping Trump from a delegate sweep might have been newsworthy in an event that will otherwise lack for suspense. However, we're not aware of any effort made by Haley's team toward that goal. To the contrary, her campaign has highlighted its lack of investment in the state.

U.S. Virgin Islands


The U.S. Virgin Islands is the first territory to hold a nominating contest. The ballot includes Trump and Haley, as well as four candidates that have withdrawn from the race.

Live Results

Caucus voting will take place at three locations, one each on the islands of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. The latest closing time is 5:00 PM Eastern.


As detailed by FHQPlus ($), the caucus is violating two Republican National Committee rules, although only one of them has led to an actual loss of delegates.

  • The territory is not a location authorized to hold a delegate selection event before March 1
  • It is a winner take all event, regardless of the first place finisher's vote percentage, prior to March 15*

The penalty for the first infraction is a reduction to nine delegates. As it turns out, that is the number of delegates apportioned to the territory, so violating this rule did not have any impact.

However, the penalty for winner take all is a 50% reduction in delegates, rounded down. As such, only four delegates are available for the winner.

The winner will be determined through ranked choice voting. If no candidate gets 50% of first choice votes at the caucus, a ranked choice tabulation will take place until one does have a majority. That candidate will earn all four delegates.

* Prior to March 15, what isn't allowed - except in South Carolina - is winner take all to a candidate getting a plurality of the vote. It is allowed with a majority of the vote. By definition, ranked choice voting will yield a majority winner. However, getting there conflicts with the spirit of the rule as there is no outcome where the winner won't get all the delegates.

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