House Special Election Calendar

On Monday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a special election proclamation for the vacancy in TX-34. As a result, we now have election dates for each open U.S. House seat.

Democrats currently hold a 221-209 edge over Republicans. There are five vacancies.

These special elections will all use the existing district boundaries (prior to redistricting). Table is ordered by the date of the first election in each district.

District Party* Primary General Notes
CA-22 R April 5 June 7 All party primary; if one candidate gets a majority, they are elected. Otherwise top two advance to general.
MN-01 R May 24 August 9 Voters select nominees in individual party primaries.
AK-AL R June 11 August 16 Top four finishers in the all-party primary advance. General election decided by ranked choice voting.
TX-34 D N/A June 14 All-party general election. Top two runoff, probably in August, if no candidate gets a majority of the vote.
NE-01 R N/A June 28 Nominees selected directly by the parties.

* Party previously holding the seat

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