Live Results: Alabama Congressional Primary Runoff, Michigan State House Special Elections

This Tuesday we've got a primary runoff election in Alabama and two State House special elections in Michigan.

In each case, results will be available after the polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Alabama Primary Runoff

Alabama held primaries for president and U.S. House on March 5. For offices other than president, the state requires a top two runoff where no candidate gets a majority of the primary vote. 

U.S. House District 2

As part of court-ordered midcycle redistricting, this seat was significantly redrawn to meet requirements of the Voting Rights Act. The new boundary is much more favorable to Democrats, with a consensus general election rating of 'Likely Democratic'.

The current incumbent, Barry Moore, moved to run in District 1. He successfully ousted Jerry Carl in the GOP primary, and will be heavily favored in November.

Both parties had large primary fields, making these runoffs likely. 

Democratic Runoff

11 candidates participated in the March primary. Attorney Shomari Figures was well out in front, with 43% of the vote. The Figures family is well-known in Alabama politics. His father, Michael Figures, was a State Senator involved in civil rights; his mother is a current State Senator. 

Anthony Daniels, the minority leader of the Alabama House, finished second with 22%.

If Figures or Daniels wins in November, it will mark the first time the state will have two black members of Congress.

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Republican Runoff

The GOP primary ballot included eight candidates, including one that had withdrawn from the race. Former State Sen. Dick Brewbaker led with 37% of the vote. Real Estate Attorney Caroleene Dobson narrowly took the second runoff spot with 25%, winning by about 600 votes over State Sen. Greg Albritton.

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Michigan State House

The Michigan House of Representatives is evenly split at the moment, with each party holding 54 seats. There are two vacancies to be filled Tuesday. 

Both opens seats were previously held by Democrats, and the party has maintained control of the chamber in advance of these elections. Both districts are heavily Democratic. However, if Republicans can pull off two surprise wins, they would take over the House.

District 13

District 13 is located just north of downtown Detroit. Portions of the district are in Warren. Democrat Lori Stone resigned after being elected mayor of that city in November.  

Stone won by 67% to 33% over her Republican challenger in 2022. The nominees are Democrat Mai Xiong and Republican Ronald Singer.

District 25

District 25 sits midway between the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas. Democrat Kevin Coleman resigned after being elected mayor of Westland in November.

Coleman won by a 63% to 37% margin over his Republican opponent in 2022. Peter Herzberg emerged victorious in the five-way Democratic primary in January, while Josh Powell was unopposed for the GOP nomination.

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