Kansas Republican Rep. Jake LaTurner Not Seeking Reelection

Kansas Republican Rep. Jake LaTurner announced Thursday that he will not seek a third term in Congress this year. 

LaTurner represents the 2nd congressional district of Kansas. It encompasses the eastern part of the state, excluding much of the Kansas City area. It is a fairly safe Republican area, although not quite as conservative as the state's two other GOP-held seats. LaTurner won by a 15% margin in 2022. 

43 current House members  - 24 Democrats and 19 Republicans - are retiring or seeking another office in November. Also departing is Rep. Jerry Carl (AL-01), who was defeated in a member vs. member GOP primary.

Separately, Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher is scheduled to resign tomorrow, although the date may get pushed back slightly so that he can vote on foreign aid legislation this weekend.

Once Gallagher leaves, the House will be comprised of 217 Republicans and 213 Democrats.


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