Battleground 270

This isn't a popularity contest™

Running a single simulation can frequently yield a blue/red map unlikely to occur in November. For example, if Clinton wins North Carolina, it is unlikely she'd lose Virginia. That can happen here since those real-world correlations are not considered in individual simulations.

However, across a large number of simulations, we can see a range of electoral outcomes that are plausible if the underlying state polls are accurate. On this page, we present the results of 10,000 simulations run with current state-by-state probabilities, along with their frequency. You can view results across time by looking at the simulator daily trends.

Winning Percent
86% 1% ties 13.1%
Electoral Votes
297 Average 241
297 Median 241
290 Most Common* 248
204 Lowest 132
406 Highest 334
The most frequent outcome occured 1.8% of the time
Percentage of Simulations with Given Trump Electoral Votes
Electoral Votes for

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