2022 House Forecast: Consensus Forecast

As of January 4, 2022

A consensus outlook for the 2022 House elections based on the current ratings of these forecasters. Only districts rated safe by all available forecasts are shown in the darkest shade. You can also view these ratings as a table.

The Current House view on the map shows incumbent members in their current districts. These boundaries will be in effect through 2022. The Interactive and 2023 views use redistricted lines, placing incumbents where applicable.

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January 4: CA-21, CA-25, NJ-3, NJ-11 move from Safe to Likely Democratic; MI-4 Safe to Likely Republican; MI-10 Likely to Leans Republican

no 2022 election
no 2022 election

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House Elections 2022

Current 221 212 2*
Consensus Forecast 135 134 14
Interactive Map Above

* Vacant Seat(s)