Features of the Upgraded House Interactive Map

  • There is a national map, as well as a map for each state (accessible via the drop down menu)
  • All the maps are interactive; rotate through the ratings by click or tap
    • As with the older version, you can also change a color by click/tap on the 'Mine' color associated with a district in the table below the map
  • The national and state maps work together: Changes on a state map will update that state on the national map and vice-versa
  • Your map will be saved (if cookies are enabled)
  • Pan and zoom the national map
  • Zoom select cities on state maps
  • See district numbers on the state maps
  • Table shows Visible Districts on the national map (more info below)
  • Table shows district's House and Presidential margin of victory in 2016
  • Place the cursor over a district to see incumbent and rating information(a)
  • Share your forecasts over social media

Visible Districts: As before, the table of Representatives below the national map starts with a listing of those districts that are expected to be at least somewhat competitive in 2018. With any level of zoom, the listing adjusts to all those districts (safe and competitive) visible in the map window at that time. Pan the map and/or zoom further and the listing will update. This is a good way to look at the districts in a specific region or interact with smaller-sized districts. Note that in some cases the table may include districts that are slightly out of view. The best way to see just the districts for a specific state is via the drop down menu.

Additional Features

Three Views: This unique map allows users to view the party currently holding each congressional district, make a forecast for the 2018 election and see the results of that forecast on the party breakdown (based on your forecast) once the new House is seated iN January, 2018. Select a view at any time using the menu above the map; the active view is green. 

Interactive Map: Choose a Starting View or select any state to begin creating your personal 2018 election forecast. See 'Color Rotation' below for instructions on how to change your forecast. The counter above the map will adjust as you go along. The Reset Map button will clear your map and return you to the default starting view.  

Color Rotation: Use the Map Color Palette to the right of the map. icon below the map to choose 3 (safe, toss-up); 5 (safe, lean, toss-up), 7 (safe, likely, lean, toss-up) or 9 (safe, likely, lean, tilt, toss-up) colors. You can either rotate through the available colors or select one active color. More information >>

Share: Let people see your 2018 forecast by selecting the Share Map button. You can then share the map via social media or email.

Embed: Display your map on any web page. Select Share Map and then choose the Embed button.

Save: If cookies are enabled on your device, your map should be as you leave it the next time you return to that page. Another option is to select the Share Map button, which will create a permanent URL of your map at that point in time.

Below the Map: There are two tables below the map. House Elections 2018 is a party composition breakdown, including the current Members of the House and the current pro forecast for 2018.  The 'Mine' row reflects the projection in the displayed map. The second table shows a subset of Representatives - see Visible Districts toward the top of this article for more information.

(a)On a touch device, this information will be available with the first tap on a district