These results are based on the general elections of November 3, 2020. Any subsequent elections, such as special elections for vacancies that occur, are not included. 

In most districts nationwide, the 2020 House elections were between one Democratic and one Republican nominee. However, there are some exceptions, which we have noted below. 

  • Uncontested except for write-ins:  AL-5, AL-7, AR-1, FL-2, FL-25, MA-1, MA-3, NC-12, NY-5, TN-5, VA-9
  • One major party candidate with other opposition (3rd party or independent). Margin is between the major party nominee and the aggregate other: AL-6, IL-8, MA-7, MA-8, NY-16, RI-1, SD-AL
  • All-party primaries where top two finishers were from the same party: CA-12, CA-18, CA-29, CA-34, CA-38, CA-44, CA-53, WA-10
  • All-party primaries on November 3. Margin is between the aggregate Democratic and Republican vote totals:  LA-1, LA-2, LA-3, LA-4, LA-5, LA-6

Data from The Cook Political Report, with minor modifications for our presentation.