List of Major Party General Election Candidates

Toggle the checkbox to view or hide candidates.  

Available space does not allow for an exhaustive list of candidates.  

Major party candidates will be added within a few weeks after nominations are won in the primaries. Other candidates will be added as applicable.

Generally, the display for each election will follow these guidelines:

  • If both major parties (Democratic and Republican) have a nominee, those names will display
  • If there is one major party nominee and a single opponent, those names will display
    • If there is more than one opponent, preference is given to nationally recognized 3rd parties (e.g., Libertarian, Green)
  • In 'jungle' primaries, where multiple candidates from each major party may appear, we will use informed judgment (e.g., polls) to keep the display manageable.

For a full list of candidates, see our live Election Day results.