U.S. News 2024 Presidential Ratings

As of June 18, 2024

The current 2024 presidential election ratings from Louis Jacobson for U.S. News. Jacobson is the chief correspondent with PolitiFact and senior author of the Almanac of American Politics 2024.

As a result of Census apportionment, some states have a different number of electoral votes in 2024. Use the buttons above the map to see what has changed.

The map is interactive; use it as a starting point to create and share your own 2024 presidential election forecast.

June 18: Maine moves from Likely to Safe Democratic; Minnesota and Virginia Likely to Leans Democratic; New Mexico Safe to Likely Democratic; Ohio Likely to Safe Republican. Read the analysis >

no 2024 election
no 2024 election

Map :

- +
Safe Likely Leans Tilt Toss-up 3P
State District
1 2 3

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