Overview & Live Results: Florida and New York Primaries, Oklahoma Runoffs, NY Special Elections

Tuesday is the last big day on the 2022 primary calendar, as voters in Florida and New York head to the polls. Those two states combine for 54 congressional districts, about 1/8 of the U.S. House. 

There are also primary runoffs in Oklahoma and special elections to fill two congressional vacancies in New York.

Results for some of the more interesting elections are on this page. Use the links below to see all results. Latest poll closing (Eastern Time) appears below the state name. If you are voting in one of these locations, check with your polling place as the hours may differ.

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1Central Time Zone locations close at 8:00 PM Eastern
2Other primaries were held June 28
3Where no candidate received a majority of the vote in June 28 primary

U.S. House Special General Elections

Before we get to the primaries, there are special elections in New York to fill two of the four current vacancies in the U.S. House. Both of these will be contested using boundaries prior to redistricting, while the regular primaries will be conducted using the new district configurations.

New York District 19

Democratic Rep. Anthony Delgado resigned in May to become lieutenant governor. This is a highly competitive seat, both before and after redistricting. The special election will be closely watched, especially in light of some Democratic overperformance in two Republican-leaning special elections that took place after the Dobbs decision. The Republican nominee is Dutchess County executive Marc Molinaro. The Democrats have tapped Ulster County executive Pat Ryan. 

Note that Ryan is separately on the ballot Tuesday as candidate for the nomination in NY-18. Parts of Ulster County are in NY-19. However, after redistricting, it will fully be in NY-18, which likely accounts for Ryan's rationale.

New York District 23

Former Rep. Tom Reed (R) resigned in May. Rep. Chris Jacobs (R) was expected to move here after the elimination of NY-27 in redistricting. However, he subsequently decided to retire. Steuben County GOP leader Joe Sempolinski is favored to keep the seat in GOP hands. The Democratic nominee is Air Force veteran Max Della Pia. Assuming he wins, Sempolinski will be a caretaker, as he is not on the ballot for the regular primary here.

As for the other two vacancies, one of them will go to the winner of the special election in Alaska this past Saturday. We aren't likely to know the result until the end of the month. Lastly, there will be a special election on November 8, concurrent with the general election, for the vacancy in Indiana's Second District. 

U.S. Senate

Florida (Democratic)

Republican Marco Rubio is seeking a third term. He is unopposed for renomination. Four Democrats are vying to challenge him. The overwhelming favorite is Rep. Val Demings (FL-10).

Oklahoma (Special Republican Runoff)

Incumbent Sen. Jim Inhofe is retiring at the end of the year. The winner of the November 8 special election will complete the final four years of his term.

In this deep red state, that will almost certainly be the winner of the runoff between Rep. Markwayne Mullin (OK-02) and former State House Speaker T.W. Shannon. Mullin finished first in the June primary, getting 44% of the vote in a field of over a dozen candidates. Shannon took second with 18%. 


Florida (Democratic)

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is unopposed for renomination. He is seeking a second term. While there are four on the Democratic ballot, the contest is a two-way race between Rep. Charlie Crist (FL-13) and the state's Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. Crist has had a sizeable lead in most polls.

U.S. House

With 28 and 26 seats, respectively, Florida and New York represent The third and fourth largest U.S. House delegations. As an aside, these two states vividly illustrate the population shifts that have taken place in recent decades. Just after World War II, about 75 years ago, New York had 45 seats, while Florida had just six.

There are a significant number of U.S. House primaries of interest Tuesday. See all results for: Florida and New York.

Incumbents at Risk

With a redistricting-driven member vs. member primary in NY-12, one incumbent is guaranteed to lose their job on Tuesday. However, there are quite a few others facing credible challenges. 

New York District 10 (Democratic)

Redistricting made this NYC district more compact, notably removing the Upper West side. As a result, incumbent Rep. Jerry Nadler moved to run in District 12, creating a wide-open primary. Notables include Rep. Mondaire Jones (current NY-17), State Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou, City Council member Carlina Rivera and former assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Goldman. Also in the race is Elizabeth Holtzman, who previously served in the House from 1973 to 1981. Safely Democratic seat in the general election.

New York District 12 (Democratic)

Now encompassing Manhattan's Upper East Side and Upper West Side, this primary will pit two long-time members against each other. Rep. Jerry Nadler (current NY-10) is taking on the incumbent, Rep. Carolyn Maloney. Also on the ballot is attorney Suraj Patel, who challenged Maloney for the nomination in the last two cycles. Patel came within 4% of an upset win in 2020. Safely Democratic seat in the general election.

New York District 16 (Democratic)

Progressive freshman Rep. Jamaal Bowman has drawn primary challenges from two Westchester County legislators, Vedat Gashi and Catherine Parker. Gashi has been endorsed by Eliot Engel, who Bowman ousted in the 2020 primary. Safely Democratic seat in November. 

New York District 17 (Democratic)

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney moved from neighboring NY-18, which was split in two during redistricting. That pushed the current incumbent, Mondaire Jones, to run in NY-10 and set off a brawl with the progressive wing of the party. Maloney has drawn a challenge from State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi, who has been endorsed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Although still leaning Democratic, the district is more competitive after redistricting. The GOP nominee is likely to be State Assembly member Michael Lawler.

Florida District 1 (Republican)

Safe GOP district. Fiery Trump acolyte Matt Gaetz is seeking a 4th term. He is being challenged by Mark Lombardo, a former business executive and Marine Corps veteran. Gaetz remains part of a long-running Federal investigation around sex trafficking. This Panhandle district is in the Central Time Zone where polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern.

Florida District 11 (Republican)

Incumbent Daniel Webster is being challenged from the far right by Laura Loomer, who was the party's nominee in District 21 in 2020. The district is safely Republican in the general election.


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