Live Results: Maryland, Nebraska, West Virginia Primaries; North Carolina Runoffs

Maryland, Nebraska, and West Virginia hold their presidential and down-ballot primaries on Tuesday. Use the links below for full results.

Maryland Nebraska West Virginia

On this page, we'll highlight some of the key races to watch in each state. Poll closing times (Eastern) are listed by the state name. 

There are also runoffs in North Carolina from the March 5 primary. In addition, there is a mayoral runoff in Anchorage and mayoral primaries in Baltimore. These results can be found at the bottom of this article.


Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.


While the party nominations have long been decided, the presidential primaries in Maryland have some intrigue.

Nikki Haley has continued to draw notable support despite exiting the race over two months ago. This past Tuesday, she received over 20% of the vote in Indiana. Demographically, she should do relatively well here. However, unlike some other places she has exceeded expectations, Maryland has a closed primary, where only registered Republicans can participate.

This is a winner take all state, with Donald Trump expected to add 37 delegates to his total. Visit the Republican Delegate Tracker to see full results by state and candidate.

Joe Biden's biggest challenge this year has been in states where Uncommitted appears on the ballot. Some voters have used this as a protest vote against how the administration is handling the Israel-Hamas war. Uncommitted is an option in Maryland. 

There are 95 delegates available. The standard Democratic allocation applies, with some awarded on the statewide vote, others on the vote in each congressional district. In each case, a 15% threshold applies. Visit the Democratic Delegate Tracker to see full results by state and candidate.  

U.S. Senate

Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin is retiring. The entrance of popular former Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, and his strong showing in some initial polling, has pushed what was seen as a safe Democratic seat onto the competitive map. Whether that remains the case, given the deep blue lean of the state, is up in the air.

A highly competitive primary exists on the Democratic side. While there are 10 candidates on the ballot, this is a two-person race between Prince George's County Executive Angela Alsobrooks and Rep. David Trone (MD-06). The race turned increasingly acrimonious in its closing weeks.


Although he has six opponents on the primary ballot, Hogan is expected to win the Republican nomination.

U.S. House

Incumbents Dutch Ruppersberger (MD-02) and John Sarbanes (MD-03) are retiring from safely Democratic districts. The nominees emerging from these primaries are highly likely to be the next representatives from these districts.

There are six candidates on the ballot in District 2. Ruppersberger has endorsed Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski, who seems likely to win the nomination over his main challenger, State Del. Harry Bhandari.

The District 3 field is massive, with over 20 candidates on the ballot. The frontrunners appear to be Harry Dunn and State Sen. Sarah Elfreth. Dunn is a former U.S. Capitol officer who gained fame defending the building during the January 6 attack.

In District 6, David Trone is running for U.S. Senate. The Democratic nominee will be favored in November, although the seat isn't as deep blue as the two above.

There are 15 candidates on the Democratic ballot, although three have withdrawn. Establishment favorite April McClain Delaney and State Del. Joe Vogel appear to have the best shot at the nomination.

Notables on the Republican primary ballot include former State Delegates Dan Cox and Neil Parrott. Cox was the Republican nominee for Governor in 2022, while Parrott was Trone's opponent in the last two elections.


Polls close at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

Both of the state's U.S. Senate seats are on the ballot this year, although there are no competitive primaries.

In the regularly-scheduled election, Republican Deb Fischer is seeking an 3rd term. She faces a nominal primary challenge. Democrats are not competing for this seat, and are expected to coalesce behind Dan Osborn, an independent.

The special election is to complete the term of Ben Sasse (R), who resigned in January, 2023, to become the president of the University of Florida. Gov. Jim Pillen (R) appointed his predecessor, Pete Ricketts (R) to fill the seat until the special election. Ricketts has only minor primary opposition, while Preston Love Jr. is unopposed for the Democrats.  

U.S. House

Don Bacon is seeking a 5th term in this Omaha-area district. The moderate Republican has drawn a populist/MAGA challenger. Businessman Dan Frei has been endorsed by the state party, although Bacon has drawn most other endorsements and maintains a significant fundraising advantage.

The winner will meet Democrat Tony Vargas in the general election. Vargas lost to Bacon by about 3% in 2022. 

West Virginia

Polls close at 7:30 PM Eastern Time.

U.S. Senate

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is retiring. In this deep red state, particularly in a presidential election year, the seat is all but certain to flip to the GOP. 

The Republican primary features outgoing Gov. Jim Justice and Rep. Alex Mooney (WV-02). Both candidates have drawn prominent endorsements and raised significant funds. However, polling shows Justice - endorsed by Trump - well ahead in the race.

The Democratic primary includes Don Blankenship, who ran for the GOP nomination in 2018, finishing 3rd. This came after he spent a year in prison for violating safety standards in conjunction with a mine explosion that killed 29 workers in 2010. Also on the ballot are Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott, who has been endorsed by Manchin, and Marine veteran Zach Shrewsbury.


Republican Gov. Jim Justice was ineligible to run for a third consecutive term. As noted above, he is likely to be the state's next U.S. Senator.

Four major candidates are among the six looking to succeed Justice. The winner of this primary will be a prohibitive favorite in November. The number in parentheses is the average of the two most recent independent polls.

  • Patrick Morrisey, Attorney General (33%)
  • Moore Capito, former State Delegate (27%)
  • Chris Miller, businessman (23%)
  • Mac Warner, Secretary of State (13%)

Capito is the son of Sen. Shelly Moore Capito. Miller is the son of Rep. Carol Miller (WV-01).

Steve Williams is unopposed for the Democratic nomination. 

U.S. House

Both seats are held by Republicans, with neither expected to be remotely competitive in November. However, both of the primaries to nominate those almost-certain winners are worth watching.

District 1 Rep. Carol Moore is seeking a 4th term in Congress. She has drawn an aggressive challenge from Derrick Evans, a former member of the State House. Evans participated in the January 6 Capitol attack and served three months in prison after pleading guilty to a felony charge.

In District 2, five Republicans are looking to succeed Rep. Alex Mooney, who is running for Senate. The frontrunner appears to be the State Treasurer, Riley Moore.

North Carolina (Runoffs)

Polls close at 7:30 PM Eastern Time.

The 30% runoff threshold in North Carolina is the lowest in the country. In addition, the runoff only happens where requested by the second place finisher.

Lt. Governor

North Carolina is one of 17 states where the office of Lt. Governor is filled in a separate election from that of governor. That can lead to the governor and lieutenant being from different parties, as is currently the case. 

The current Lt. Gov., Mark Robinson chose to run for governor, and is the Republican nominee for that office. Eleven candidates competed in the March primary to replace him. Advancing were Hal Weatherman (20% of the vote) and Jim O'Neill (16%).

U.S. House District 13

Kelly Daughtry finished first with 27%, Brad Knott finished with 19%. Subsequent to that, Daughtry withdrew from the race after Knott was endorsed by Donald Trump. However, that came too late to change the ballot, so the runoff will proceed.

This district became much more favorable to Republicans in midcycle redistricting passed by the State Legislature. As such, the primary winner will be heavily favored in November.

Mayoral Elections

City rankings and population are based on July 1, 2022 Census Bureau population estimates. They are for the city itself, not the associated metropolitan area.


Baltimore is the 30th largest city in the country, with a population of about 570,000. Mayor Brandon Scott (D) is seeking a second four-year term. 

Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Scott has drawn over a dozen challengers opposing his renomination. The most notable is former Mayor Sheila Dixon, who was elected in 2007. Dixon resigned in early 2010 as part of a plea bargain after a criminal trial. This is her third attempt to return to the office. In an even more crowded primary field in 2020, Dixon finished second to Scott, who prevailed 30% to 28%.

Three Republicans are seeking the nomination. The winner faces an uphill battle in November. Baltimore last elected a GOP mayor in 1963.


The nation's 73rd largest city has a population of about 287,000. David Bronson (R) is seeking a second three-year term. In the April 2 nonpartisan primary, former Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance led Bronson by 360 votes; both finished with about 36% share in the ten-person field.

This election is conducted primarily by mail ballot. Voting centers and drop boxes will be available until 8:00 PM local time (12:00 AM Eastern).

Upcoming Elections

This list goes through the final presidential nominating contests on June 8. While some states held their down-ballot statewide primary on the same date as the presidential contest, most did not. Those down-ballot primaries will continue through early September. Bookmark the Statewide Primary Calendar for all these dates and links to live results.

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