2024 Montana Republican Primary

Date: June 4, 2024
Delegates: 31
  • No delegates will be directly allocated based on the primary vote.
  • Primary date is out of compliance with party rules for being within 45 days of the national convention.
  • May party convention selects delegates; these will be unbound.
  • The state primary for offices other than president is also June 4.

Information is estimated and subject to change. Delegate allocation rules can be very complex; this overview may not capture some details. For those interested in the finer points, we suggest Greenpapers or FHQ.


Source Date Sample DeSantis Haley Ramaswamy Trump Other
J.L. Partners 8/31/2023 275 LV 15% 3% 6% 56% 20%
Public Policy 6/21/2023 510 LV ±4.3% 23% 5% 3% 46% 23%