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Walker Continues to Lead Iowa Caucus Polling

July 1, 2015

Scott Walker, governor of neighboring Wisconsin, continues to lead in polling for the 2016 Iowa Republican Caucus. The latest poll, out today from Quinnipiac gives Mr. Walker 18%, ahead of Ben Carson and Donald Trump with 10%. Another 13 prospective nominees polled split the remaining 60% or so.

Interestingly, while Mr. Walker leads, he is one of only two Republicans polled that has not yet officially joined the race. Both he and Ohio Governor John Kasich are expected to declare their intentions to run later in July. 

Businessman Donald Trump continues to see a sizeable bump from his mid-June campaign launch, tying for 2nd in the Iowa poll. He has placed in the top 3 in recent polls from MichiganKentucky and New Hampshire, as well as nationally. If this trend continues, it may be one of the more interesting stories as we head toward the first Republican debate in August.

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