Primary Highlights: Stacey Abrams Makes History; U.S. House Incumbents All Win

2016 Presidential Election Results

State Winners

This map reflects the party winning the popular vote in each state in 2016. Use it as a starting point to create your 2020 electoral map.

To view a map that includes faithless electors, see the 2016 historical interactive map.


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District 1 2 3
ME 2 1 1
NE 2 1 1 1
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Map Updated: Jul. 7, 2017 8:23 AM (ET)

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Primary Highlights: Stacey Abrams Makes History; U.S. House Incumbents All Win

Abrams becomes the first black woman to be a major party nominee for governor in American history

Links to Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky and Texas Election Results

Primaries are being held in three states Tuesday, with runoffs occurring in the Lone Star State

Primary Tuesday: Arkansas, Georgia and Kentucky; Runoffs in Texas

The day is highlighted by contested primaries in both parties in the race to be the next governor of Georgia

Incumbents, Pennsylvania Women Running for Congress Do Well in Tuesday's Primaries

The Keystone State, largest with an all-male Congressional delegation, is all but guaranteed to add one or more women in 2019

Primary Tuesday: Pennsylvania Voters Cast Ballots in New Congressional Districts

Voters will go to the polls in the Keystone State, as well as Nebraska and Idaho. Oregon's primary has been conducted almost entirely by mail.

About this Site is an interactive Electoral College map for 2020 and a history of Presidential elections in the United States. Since electoral votes are generally allocated on an "all or none" basis by state, the election of a U.S President is about winning the popular vote in enough states to achieve 270 electoral votes, a majority of the 538 that are available. It is not about getting the most overall popular votes, as we saw in the 2000 election, when the electoral vote winner (Bush) and the popular vote winner (Gore) were different.
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