2016 Presidential Election Interactive Map

270 electoral votes to win

Change history with the 2016 presidential election interactive map.

Update a state winner by clicking it to rotate through candidates. Alternately, select a candidate color in the Map Color Palette, then select states to apply. Use the edit button in the Palette to update candidate information.

Split electoral vote states - if any - are not interactive. Use the table below the map to make changes.

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no 2016 election
no 2016 election
Other: Faithless votes for someone not on the ballot or available votes not cast

Split Electoral Votes

States shown here did not allocate all their available electoral votes to one candidate. The historical split can be edited in this table. You can also use the drop down menu to split other states.

'Other' electoral votes can only be reallocated or removed.

Removing the split () will set the state to undecided and make it interactive on the map.

R D L G IND Other Total   Remove

2016 Actual Election Results

Candidate Party Electoral Votes Popular Votes
Donald J. Trump Republican 304 62,984,828
Hillary R. Clinton Democratic 227 65,853,514
Gary Johnson Libertarian 0 4,489,341
Jill Stein Green 0 1,457,218
Evan McMullin Independent 0 731,991
Other: See Election Facts Below 7

2016 Election Facts

  • Popular vote totals from Federal Elections 2016.
  • Issues of the Day: Health care costs, Economic inequality, Terrorism, Foreign policy (Russia, Iran, Syria, Brexit), Gun control, Treatment of minorities, Immigration policy, Shifting media landscape
  • One of only 5 elections (1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, 2016) where the popular vote winner was defeated
  • Hillary Clinton first female presidential nominee of a major political party
  • Clinton won Maine but Trump earned an electoral vote by winning the popular vote in the 2nd Congressional District. This marked the first time that Maine has split its electoral vote since it moved away from the winner-take-all method in 1972.
  • Independent Evan McMullin received 21.5% of the vote in Utah; best '3rd party' performance in any single state since Ross Perot in 1992
  • Libertarian Gary Johnson received over 3% of the nationwide vote; best 3rd party performance nationwide since Ross Perot in 1996
  • There were seven faithless presidential electors. Aside from 1872 - death of Horace Greeley - it is the greatest number since electors began casting one vote each for president and vice president (12th Amendment, 1804). Three additional faithless votes, one each in Colorado, Maine and Minnesota, were disallowed.
  • Clinton won Washington; however three electors cast votes for Colin Powell, one for Faith Spotted Eagle
  • Trump won Texas; however one elector cast a vote for Ron Paul, another for John Kasich
  • Clinton won Hawaii; however one elector cast a vote for Bernie Sanders