270toWin Electoral Map Starting Views

This page describes the various library maps available to help you start your own 2020 presidential election forecast map. The default is the actual map (ignoring faithless electors) from the 2016 presidential election.

Make your Starting View selection via the drop down menu at the bottom of the interactive map on the home page. If that isn't visible, select the Reset Map option. 

Alternately, you can select one of the maps below and you'll be taken to a stand-alone version of that map which you can share via social media (before making changes) or edit to create a 2020 forecast. 


2016 Actual 
Results of the 2016 election

Same Since 2000
States voting one party last 5 elections

2016 Very Close
States decided by 5% or less in 2016

2016 Competitive
States decided by 10% or less in 2016
2012 Actual
Results of the 2012 election 
Blank Map
Initially displays all states as undecided
All Democratic
Initially displays all states as blue
All Republican
Initially displays all states as red

Other starting views for 2020, such as the battleground map, polling map and consensus pundit map will be added as we get closer to 2020.