2020 Electoral Maps from Princeton Election Consortium

This series of maps is derived from the Princeton Election Consortium (PEC) model output. The model is primarily driven by state-level polling, factoring in both the spread between Biden and Trump, as well as consistency across polls.

The first map is the current projection, while the other two maps take a look at the map if either Biden or Trump were to outperform in the polls by 3%, the amount by which polls and results differed in 2016 in terms of PEC's Meta-Margin tracker.

These maps will be updated daily.  Click or tap any of them for an interactive version as well as the changes over time.

Baseline: Likelihood for Biden or Trump victory based on current polling.

Biden Outperforms: How the map shifts if Biden outperforms polling by 3%.

Trump Outperforms: How the map shifts if Trump outperforms polling by 3%.