2024 New York House Election Interactive Map

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New York was arguably the state most impacted by redistricting in 2022. Controlling the process, Democrats passed a new map that positioned them to win as many as 22 seats. That map was an overreach, invalidated by the courts as a partisan gerrymander. 

In the end, a remedial map created for the courts by a redistricting expert was put into use and Democrats did not fare well. The party held 19 of 27 seats after 2020; the midterms saw that advantage reduced to 15-11. 

Five districts (03, 04, 17, 19, 22) are among just 19 Biden-GOP districts nationwide. These are districts represented by a Republican, but which the president won in 2020. All five flipped to the GOP in 2022.

In December, 2023, the New York Court of Appeals ordered the state to draw new congressional districts to be used in 2024. Those lines will be drawn by the Independent Redistricting Commission, and will then need to be approved by the Legislature.

Any new map enacted will likely be at least slightly more favorable to Democrats.

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