2022 House Election Margin of Victory

This information relates to the House Margin of Victory column in the table of Representatives below the 2024 House Interactive Map. The results are those of the general elections of November 8, 2022. Any subsequent activity, such as special elections for vacancies that occur, are not included. 

In most districts nationwide, the top two finishers in each 2022 House election were the Democratic and Republican nominees. The number displayed is the percentage difference in vote between those two candidates. GOP wins are shown in red, Democratic wins in blue. 


However, there are some exceptions. Where this occurs, you will see a symbol beside (or instead of) a margin, with a corresponding footnote under the table. These fall under various categories, summarized below.

Where exceptions occur, and a margin is still provided, use caution in comparing this result to the presidential result for that district.

Exception Districts Comments

AZ-08, AZ-09, FL-05, IL-07LA-04MA-04, NY-13PA-13, PA-14, SC-03SC-04, TX-06, TX-11, TX-25TX-31, WI-06

Nominee of one party is completely unopposed, except for write-ins, where allowed. No margin is displayed.

3rd Party AL-01, AL-06, CA-10, FL-06, FL-18, LA-06, ND-ALNY-09, PA-03SD-AL, TX-19, TX-26, WI-08 One major party candidate with 3rd party or independent opposition. Margin shown is between the major party nominee and the second place finisher.
Same Party CA-15, CA-16, CA-29, CA-30, CA-34, CA-37 Both candidates are from the same party. This can occur in top-two primary states (California and Washington). No margin is displayed.
Ranked Choice AK-AL, ME-02 Races decided by 'instant runoff' when no candidate received a majority of the first choice vote. Margin shown between the top two finishers as of the final tabulation round.
All Party LA-03, LA-05 Multiple Democrats and Republicans on the ballot. Margin between the top finisher from each party is shown.

In MT-02, we display the 36.4% margin between Republican Matt Rosendale and Democrat Penny Ronning. Note however that Ronning finished third. The margin between Rosendale and the second place finisher, independent Gary Buchanan, was 34.7%.

To see all 2022 results by district, compared to the 2020 presidential results using the same district boundaries, visit the 2024 House Interactive Map.