2024 Louisiana House Election Interactive Map

All US House seats to be contested in 2024

Of the state's six congressional districts, five are held by Republicans. All seats are safe for the incumbent party.

Redistricting after the 2020 Census yielded a map that changed little from that in use over the past decade. Litigation is ongoing about whether that map violates the Voting Rights Act. Specifically, should the state be required to have a second majority-minority district to reflect the fact that Blacks comprise approximately 1/3 of the state's population.

In June, 2023, the Supreme Court ruled against Alabama in a similar case, making it more likely, although not definite, that Louisiana will have a new map for 2024. 

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District Incumbent Party Since Term Predictions Margin of Victory
Consensus Map House(a) President(b)

(a) Source: 270toWin research.
Aside from these exceptions, the margin is the difference between the Democratic and Republican nominee in the 2022 general election.
Exception types: * Uncontested | + No major party opposition | ^ Both nominees from same party | x All-party primary | y Ranked choice tabulation

(b) Source: Daily Kos. The margin is the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, based on the congressional boundaries used in the 2022 general election.