2018 Pennsylvania House Election Interactive Map

All US House seats to be contested in 2018
Pennsylvania has 18 congressional districts. Republicans hold 10 of them, Democrats 6. There are two vacancies; both those seats will be filled by special election (based on pre-redistricting boundaries) on November 6th.

As a result of a Court ruling, Pennsylvania's congressional district boundaries are changing for the 2018 midterm elections. Read how we're handling the 2018 Pennsylvania Redistricting. The changes make it highly probable Democrats will pick up one or more seats in November.

To create your own forecast for the midterms, visit the 2018 House Interactive Map.

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District Incumbent Party Since Term Predictions Margin of Victory
Pro Map House(a) President(b)
PA-1 Brian Fitzpatrick
2017 1st
N/A 2.0%
PA-5 Mary Gay Scanlon
2018 1st
N/A 28.2%
PA-6 Ryan Costello
2015 2nd
N/A 9.3%
PA-7 Susan Wild
2018 1st
N/A 1.1%
PA-8 Matthew Cartwright
2013 3rd
N/A 9.5%
PA-10 Scott Perry
2013 3rd
N/A 8.9%
PA-14 Conor Lamb
2018 1st
N/A 29.0%
PA-16 Mike Kelly
2011 4th
N/A 19.9%
PA-17 Keith Rothfus
2013 3rd
N/A 2.5%
PA-2 Brendan Boyle
2015 2nd
N/A 48.0%
PA-3 Dwight Evans
2016 2nd
N/A 83.9%
PA-4 (OPEN) Safe Democratic
N/A 19.4%
PA-9 (OPEN) Safe Republican
N/A 34.0%
PA-11 Lloyd Smucker
2017 1st
N/A 25.8%
PA-12 Tom Marino
2011 4th
N/A 36.5%
PA-13 Bill Shuster
2001 9th
N/A 45.5%
PA-15 Glenn Thompson
2009 5th
N/A 43.4%
PA-18 Michael Doyle
1995 12th
N/A 26.8%

(a)Source: Ballotpedia (for margins). The margin is the percentage difference between the top two vote-getters in 2016.
More recent results (i.e., special elections held in 2017-18 for vacancies) are not displayed.
* Race was uncontested | ^Top two vote-getters were from the same party

(b)Source: Daily Kos. The margin is the percentage difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.