Pennsylvania 2018 Redistricting

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered a redrawing of the state's 18 congressional districts in early 2018, saying that the prior districts amounted to an unconstitutional gerrymander. When the Republican-controlled General Assembly and the Democratic Governor could not agree on new borders, a new map was drawn up and implemented by the Court. Barring any further challenges, the new map will be effective for the 2018 and 2020 elections.

House Interactive Map

The 2018 House Interactive Map reflects the new Pennsylvania borders established by the Court. While none of the 18 districts were left unchanged, 16 of them can be 'assigned' an existing incumbent based on the area overlap between old and new district boundaries. For those incumbents not retiring or running for another office, these are the districts where they are most likely to run in 2018. The new PA-4 and PA-9 were carved out of many existing districts, making it difficult to assign an existing incumbent. 

The above in mind, if you select the 'Current House' View, you will see each district reflects the party of the assigned incumbent. As PA-4 and PA-9 are safe Democratic and Republican, respectively, we have used those ratings for the incumbent party. Taken together, this allows us to show the correct composition of Pennsylvania's congressional delegation:  12 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 1 open seat (to be filled by special election on March 13th*).

Information about those districts can be found in the table below the map. To get to Pennsylvania specifically, select it in the drop down menu. You can also pan/zoom in to that area of the national map. Note that with the redistricting, the 2016 election margins are no longer relevant; we have set those to N/A. We have updated the presidential results to reflect the new boundaries.

For purposes of representation, the district borders will not actually change until the new Congress is seated in January, 2019. To view information about the Representatives and their contact information, use our Who Represents Me tool.  (The preceding link will return the full Pennsylvania delegation; use the search box to look up any address in the country).

* The special election will take place under the existing 18th district boundaries, not those created by redistricting. The special election is rated 'leans Republican'; this is not reflected on the interactive map. 

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