Live Results: Connecticut and Kentucky State House Special Elections

This week we're following elections to fill State House vacancies in Connecticut and Kentucky. 

Connecticut State House District 71

Democrats hold a sizeable 96-53 majority over Republicans in the Connecticut State House. There are two vacancies. The vacancy in District 5 will be contested next Tuesday. Members serve two year terms; the next regularly scheduled elections are in November. These will be contested using redistricted boundaries.

District 71 is located in the west central part of the state, and includes Middlebury and parts of Waterbury. The previous incumbent, Republican Anthony D'Amelio, retired December 31 after 25 years in office. In 2018, the last contested election here, D'Amelio won by 59% to 37% over his Democratic challenger.

The party nominees are Republican William Pizzuto and Democrat John Egan. Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Kentucky State House District 42

Republicans hold a 75-24 advantage over Democrats in the Kentucky State House. Tuesday's election will fill the only current vacancy. Members serve two year terms; the next regularly scheduled elections are in November. These will be contested using redistricted boundaries.

District 42 is based in Louisville. Long-time Democratic incumbent Reginald Meeks retired at the end of 2021. In 2018, the last contested election here, Meeks defeated Republican Judy Stallard by 89% to 11%.

Stallard is back on the ballot in this special election. She is opposed by Democrat Keturah Herron. Polls close at 6:00 PM Eastern Time.


Next Tuesday is the Texas primary, the first nominating event for the November midterms on the 2022 Election Calendar. The state gained two congressional districts after the Census; this will be the first opportunity for voters to cast ballots using the redistricted boundaries. Statewide races include governor, where Gov. Greg Abbott (R) will be seeking renomination for a third term in office.

  • March 1
    • Texas Primary
    • Connecticut State House District 5 Special Election
    • Michigan State House Districts 15, 36, 43, and 74 Special Primaries
  • March 5
    • Delaware State House District 4 Special Election
  • March 8
    • Florida State House District 88 Special Election
    • Florida State Senate District 33 Special Election
    • South Carolina State House District 97 Special Primary
  • March 22
    • New York State Assembly District 43 Special Election
    • South Carolina State House District 18 Special Primary
  • March 26
    • Louisiana State House District 101 Special Primary
  • March 29
    • South Carolina State Senate District 31 Special Election
  • April 5
    • California U.S. House District 22 Special Primary
    • California State Assembly Districts 11, 62, and 80 Special Primaries
    • Georgia State House District 45 Special Election
    • Milwaukee Mayor Special Election
    • Pennsylvania State House Districts 19, 24, and 116 Special Elections
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