Overview and Live Results: First Elections of 2022

The first special elections of 2022 are taking place Tuesday. A longstanding vacancy in Congress will be filled. There are also several state legislative special general and primary elections.

Congressional Special General Election

Florida District 20

This seat - one of two House vacancies - has been open since long-time Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings died in April, 2021. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick won the special Democratic primary by just 5 votes over Dale Holness and she is a heavy favorite against Republican Jason Mariner. 

Polls close at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

This election, for the remaining months of Hasting's term, is being contested using the current boundaries of District 20, which is in the southeastern part of the state. Largely inland, it stretches toward the coast to include portions of Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Hastings won his final term with 79% of the vote in 2020.

As is the case with every House seat, District 20 will be up for election this November for a full two-year term. Holness has already filed for a rematch against Cherfilus-McCormick in the Democratic primary, which will take place on August 23. That primary will be contested using redistricted borders. Although a number of proposals have been made, the process is still underway. Regardless of what maps are ultimately passed, it is likely the district will remain safely Democratic.

State Legislative Special General Elections

These races will complete terms in districts that will likely have different boundaries - due to redistricting - when they are next contested for a full term.

Maine State House District 27

Democrats hold 80 of the 151 seats in the Maine State House. There are 64 Republicans and five with other affiliations. Districts 27 and 145 are vacant. Terms are for two years; the next regular elections are in November.

District 27 sits west of Portland. Democrat Kyle Bailey resigned in October, after less than a year on the job. He won the seat by 59% to 41% in 2020; Democrats have controlled the district since the last redistricting a decade ago. 

The major party nominees are James Boyle (D) and Timothy Thorsen (R). Independent Suzanne Phillips is also on the ballot.

Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Massachusetts State Senate 1st Suffolk & Middlesex District

Democrats have overwhelming control of the Massachusetts State Senate, holding 36 of the 40 seats. There are three Republicans. Terms are for two years; the next regular elections are in November.

The vacancy in this Boston area district occurred in September, when incumbent Democrat Joseph Boncore resigned to take a private sector job. Boncore was in his third term. 

Lydia Edwards won the Democratic primary. She will be the only candidate named on the ballot as no Republicans or others entered the race. While there could be write-in votes, Edwards is all but certain to be elected. 

Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Virginia House of Delegates District 89

Republicans wrested control of the House of Delegates in the November, 2021 elections. Democrats held a 55-45 edge heading in to the elections. Republicans gained seven seats, which will give them 52 when the 2022 session gets underway Wednesday. District 15 Delegate Todd Gilbert (R) is expected to be elected as Speaker.

Although he easily won reelection in November with 81% of the vote, Democrat Jay Jones resigned the District 89 seat in December. The nominees are Democrat Jackie Glass and Republican Giovanni Dolmo. 

Polls close at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Due to delays in the release of Census data, Virginia's redistricting was only recently approved. Delegates normally serve two year terms, with the next elections currently scheduled for 2023. However, because the 2021 elections were conducted using old district boundaries, there is litigation underway to force a new set of elections this November. If that happens, there will still be elections in 2023. 

State Legislative Special Primary Elections

Arkansas State Senate District 7 (Republican Runoff)

No candidate received a majority in the December 14 primary, necessitating this runoff. Colby Fulfer (47% of the vote) and Steve Unger (32%) were the top two finishers. 

The winner will meet Democrat Lisa Parks in the February 8 general election for this seat in the northwest corner of the state. It has been vacant since Republican Lance Eads resigned in October.

Polls close at 8:30 PM Eastern Time.


All three of these districts partially overlap with Congressional District 20, which holds a special general election Tuesday - see the top of this page for results. All three of the incumbents announced their resignations under Florida's 'resign to run' law - to seek the Democratic nomination for that vacancy. None were successful. While the decision to resign was irrevocable, the incumbents were able to hold the seats until as late as Tuesday's special election.  

Polls close at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. 

Senate District 33: The previous incumbent, Perry Thurston (D) finished 4th in the Congressional District 20 primary, earning 15% of the vote. His resignation was effective January 10.

Terry Edden and Rosalind Osgood will compete for the Democratic nomination. Joseph Carter was the only Republican to qualify, so he will be the nominee. The general election is March 8.

House District 88: The previous incumbent, Omari Hardy (D) finished 6th in the Congressional District 20 primary, earning 6% of the vote. His resignation was effective January 10.

Democrats Jervonte Edmonds and Clarence Williams are seeking the nomination. Guarina Torres was the only Republican to qualify; she will be the nominee. The general election is March 8.

State House District 94: The previous incumbent, House Minority Leader Bobby DuBose (D) finished 5th in the Congressional District 20 primary, earning 7% of the vote. His resignation was effective January 11.

Four Democrats are seeking the nomination here. Republicans can vote in this primary since no candidates from their party entered the race. As a result, the candidate that finishes first on Tuesday is elected by default.


  • January 18
    • NY State Assembly District 68 Special Election
  • January 25
    • Connecticut State House District 144 Special Election
    • South Carolina State Senate District 31 Special Primary
  • February 8
    • Arkansas State Senate District 7 Special Election
    • Oklahoma City Mayor
  • February 15
    • California State Assembly Districts 17 and 49 Special Primaries
    • Milwaukee Mayor (All Party Special Primary)
  • February 22
    • Kentucky State House District 42 Special Election

The 2022 Election Calendar (statewide primaries) kicks off in Texas on March 1. Separately, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has set April 5 as the date for the all-party primary in the 22nd Congressional District special election. If no candidate gets a majority, the top two finishers will meet on June 7, which is the same date as the state's 2022 statewide primary.

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