Overview and Live Results: New Mexico Congressional District 1 Special Election

June 1, 2021

Voters in New Mexico's first congressional district will choose a new representative Tuesday. The district includes much of Albuquerque and has been vacant since March when former Rep. Deb Haaland (D) joined the Biden Cabinet as Secretary of the Interior.

The major party nominees were chosen by their respective party committees. They are Democratic State Rep. Melanie Stansbury and Republican State Sen. Mark Moores. Also on the ballot are the Libertarian nominee, Chris Manning and independent Aubrey Dunn.

Polls close at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

The only public poll of the race showed Stansbury with a 16-point lead over Moores. Democrats have won the district by double-digits dating back to 2012; Haaland was reelected by a 58% to 42% margin last November. Joe Biden won the district by 60% to 37%. All those metrics point to Democrats holding the seat. However, the margin will be worth watching.

A central issue in the race has been crime, essentially pitting a GOP platform of law and order vs. a Democratic message of police reform and funding levels.  How this plays out Tuesday may offer some clues to how well-positioned the parties are nationally for next year's midterm elections.

Upcoming Special Elections

Four vacancies remain to be filled. All of these seats are expected to stay with the incumbent party. As a result, once the House returns to full strength (assuming no other changes along the way), the composition should match the results of the 2020 House elections:  222 Democrats, 213 Republicans.

Date District 2020  Information
July 27 TX-6 R + 9% Ron Wright (R) died in February. Two Republicans advanced in the May 1 all-party primary, ensuring a GOP hold. They are Wright's widow, Susan, and State Rep. Jake Ellzey. 
November 2 OH-11 D+60% Marcia Fudge (D) resigned in March to become Secretary of HUD. Primaries will be held August 3.
November 2 OH-15 R+27% Steve Stivers (R) resigned May 16 to become CEO of Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Primaries will be held August 3.
Jan. 11, 2022 FL-20 D+57% Alcee Hastings (D) died in April. Primaries will be held November 2.


Upcoming Elections

June 5

Two Texas mayoral runoffs. Here are the results from the May 1 first round, where no candidate received a majority of the vote.

  • Arlington, TX
  • Fort Worth, TX

June 8

New Jersey and Virginia are the only states with gubernatorial and legislative1 1Both chambers in New Jersey, state house only in Virginia. elections this year. Both states are holding their primaries on June 8.

  • New Jersey Primary
  • Virginia Primary
  • New Hampshire State House Merrimack District 23 Special Election
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