Overview and Live Results for June 30 Primaries in Colorado, Oklahoma and Utah

June 30, 2020

Colorado, Oklahoma and Utah hold downballot primaries Tuesday.  There are a handful of interesting races including the GOP gubernatorial primary in Utah and the Democratic Senate primary in Colorado. For the House, we'll be watching the Republican primaries in OK-4 and UT-4.

Polls Close (Eastern Time)

Your individual polling place may have different hours. Do not rely on this schedule to determine when to vote. 

8:00 PM Oklahoma
9:00 PM Colorado
10:00 PM Utah


Democratic Delegate Count

All three states on the calendar Tuesday held their presidential primaries in March. The table below shows last week's available delegates (274 from New York + 54 from Kentucky) as many of those have not yet been allocated as ballots continue to be counted. Total delegates are displayed as well.

Joe Biden long ago became the presumptive nominee. However, once he reaches 2,375 delegates, he will have a majority of the projected 4,749 total Democratic delegate votes. By crossing this threshold, all delegates (pledged and super/automatic) will be able to participate in the roll call that nominates the former vice president.


Results by State

Colorado Oklahoma Utah



Senate: After a brief run at the presidential nomination, former Gov. John Hickenlooper jumped into the race to try and defeat first-term Republican Sen. Cory Gardner.  Before he can take on Gardner, Hickenlooper must win the Democratic primary against Andrew Romanoff, former Speaker of the state House of Representatives. Hickenlooper had a large lead in the most recent third-party poll and has led Gardner by double-digits in limited - and outdated - general election polling.

However, Hickenlooper has stumbled recently, opening himself up to attacks from both Romanoff and Gardner. Assuming Hickenlooper advances, the general election may be tougher than expected for a seat the party will likely need to retake control of the Senate.

House: While the state has 7 congressional districts, the only contested primaries are in District 3, in the western part of the state. We are likely to see a rematch of 2018, when Republican Scott Tipton won a 5th term, defeating Democrat Diane Bush by about 8%.

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In any of these primaries, if no candidate receives 50% of the vote, the top two will meet in an August 25 runoff.  

Senate: At age 85, Republican Sen. James Inhofe is seeking a 6th term. His likely opponent will be Democrat Abby Broyles, a former news anchor.  Already a long-shot in this deep red state, Broyle's task will be even harder in a presidential election year.

House: In one of the bigger surprises of the 2018 midterms, Democrat Kendra Horn ousted incumbent Republican Steve Russell by about 1.5%, winning the Oklahoma City-area 5th district. Horn has drawn a nominal primary challenge.

A large field of Republicans is looking for a shot to win the seat back in November. State Sen. Stephanie Bice or businesswoman Terry Neese is likely to finish first. However, there are several credible candidates, making it likely that an August 25 runoff will be necessary.

The other four districts are safely Republican in November.

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As a result of a new law, there will be no results released before midnight Eastern Time.

Governor: Utah has had a Republican governor since 1985 and that is unlikely to change with the 2020 election. Tuesday's primary will tell us who that person is going to be.  Gov. Gary Herbert chose not to run for a 3rd term, and endorsed Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox. Former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., who served from 2005-2009, is attempting to win back the office.  Cox and Huntsman have been statistically tied at around 30% each in the polls, including this most recent one.  Former House Speaker Greg Hughes has seen double-digit support, and is likely to finish third. 

House: Three of Utah's four seats are solidly Republican. Rob Bishop (UT-1) is retiring from one of those after nine terms; there is a four-way GOP primary to succeed him. In the Salt Lake City-area 4th district, Democrat Ben McAdams flipped the district when he defeated incumbent Republican Mia Love by about 0.25%. Retaking the district is high on the GOP list for November. Love declined to run again; four Republicans are vying for the nomination.

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