Sanders Projected to Win 24 of 36 Delegates in Nevada as Vote Count Nears Completion

February 24, 2020

As the vote count in Nevada nears completion, it looks like Bernie Sanders will win 24 of the state's 36 pledged delegates. Joe Biden will add nine to his total, with Pete Buttigieg earning three. Sanders takes the lead in delegates with 45.

In the interest of transparency, several vote counts were released by the Nevada Democratic Party.  The delegate allocation above is based on the number of county convention delegates earned.  However, it is not a direct relationship.  As in other states, Nevada's delegates to the national convention are divided up by geography.  In this case, 13 delegates were based on the statewide vote, with the other 23 split across the state's four congressional districts.

The 15% threshold for delegates applies to each geographic division. That is how Pete Buttigieg earned 3 delegates, despite falling short of 15% in the statewide vote. 

Next up is South Carolina on Saturday. Its 54 pledged delegates will be the largest number thus far.  Super Tuesday, with over 1,300 delegates available, follows just three days later.

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