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Updated every four hours, this is an electoral map based on the then-current PredictIt market odds for the 2020 presidential election.

Use the timeline feature to view the map based on the final update each day.

Unless the odds are exactly 50%, the toss-up color is not used in this map. The colored gradients are used to show higher probabilities for Biden or Trump, deepening as the market likelihood of winning increases:  Tilt (<60%) Leans (60%+), Likely (80%+), Safe (90%+).

Use this map as a starting point to create and share your own 2020 presidential election forecast.


The map at this URL was originally created for the 2020 election as a Trump vs. Biden forecast. For an interactive map, choose one of the following:
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no 2020 election
no 2020 election

Map :

- +
Safe Likely Leans Tilt Toss-up 3P
State District
1 2 3

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