Minnesota Governor to Announce Replacement for Sen. Franken Wednesday Morning

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Minnesota Governor to Announce Replacement for Sen. Franken Wednesday Morning

Franken announced his intention to resign last week, although hasn't set an actual date as of yet

Two New Alabama Senate Polls Muddy the Waters; Average Little Changed

A Fox News poll gives Democrat Jones a ten point lead, while Emerson College finds Republican Moore up by nine

Alabama Senate Election Tuesday; Latest Polls Favor Moore

The Republican is averaging a 4.3% lead over his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones

House Updates: Michigan Special Election Set; Arizona's Franks Leaves Early

The election to replace John Conyers will not take place until Election Day 2018. Trent Franks decides not to wait until January to leave

Arizona Republican Rep.Trent Franks to Resign Early in 2018

Franks represents a safe Republican district north of Phoenix

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