2020 Presidential Election: Projected Results

This isn't a popularity contest

Projected results for the 2020 presidential election.

In the weeks ahead, states will certify their results and submit their slate of electors.  The electors will meet to cast their votes on December 14.

The electoral map will change for the 2024 election, based on the upcoming Census release. 

The map at this URL was originally created for the 2020 election as a Trump vs. Biden forecast. For an interactive map, choose one of the following:
  • Click here to go to the 2020 historical interactive map
  • Click here to create a 2024 map at the home page
  • Click here to edit the map below (2024 electoral votes will display)
no 2020 election
no 2020 election

Map :

- +
Safe Likely Leans Tilt Toss-up 3P
State District
1 2 3

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