Presidential Election Results Certification

This isn’t a popularity contest™

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States that have certified their 2020 presidential election results are shown as dark red/blue. Others are shown lighter red/blue based on the projected winner.  

Each state compiles its certified results on a Certificate of Ascertainment (example). These name the electors to be sent to the electoral college and also include the vote earned by each candidate and/or party and their corresponding slate of electors. 

Electoral college delegations meet to cast their vote in each state on December 14. The result is recorded on a Certificate of Vote (example). These are then counted in Congress on January 6. 

December 8: Hawaii (D), Missouri (R). All 50 states and DC have certified their results. The electors will meet in each state on Monday December 14 to cast their votes. 

no 2020 election
no 2020 election

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