Live Results: Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina Primaries

The 2024 presidential nominating contests wrapped up this past week. 27 states have yet to hold a down-ballot primary. Those will take place through September 10.

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Four of those states have primaries Tuesday. Separately, there is a U.S. House special election in Ohio and a congressional age limit ballot initiative in North Dakota. Use the links below for full results. Displayed are the latest poll closings converted to Eastern Time.

Maine - 8:00 PM Nevada - 10:00 PM* North Dakota - 9:00 PM*
South Carolina - 7:00 PM OH-6 Special - 7:30 PM ND Age Limits - 9:00 PM*

* 7:00 PM local time

On this page, we'll highlight some of the key races to watch, organized by office.

U.S. Senate

Maine, Nevada, and North Dakota have seats up for election this year. Only Nevada is expected to be competitive in the general election.


Democrat Jacky Rosen flipped this seat in 2018. She is seeking a second term and is expected to be renominated.

There are a dozen candidates on the Republican primary ballot. Returning after his Senate primary defeat in 2022, businessman and military veteran Sam Brown is favored to win the nomination. 

In the only recent public poll of the contest, Brown had 50% support, with former Ambassador to Iceland Jeffrey Gunter second at 15%.

Late Sunday, Brown was endorsed by Donald Trump.

Looking ahead to November, most forecasters have Rosen as a slight favorite. High quality polling has been limited, but Rosen appears to be running ahead of Joe Biden, which is a pattern that has established itself in several presidential battleground states with a Democratic Senate incumbent on the ballot. Given the lack of ticket splitting in recent cycles, it will be interesting to see if this persists as the election draws near.


Independent Sen. Angus King, who caucuses with the Democrats, is seeking a third term. The party primaries are uncontested. David Costello will be the Democratic nominee, while the Republicans will nominate Demi Kouzounas. King is favored to win reelection in November.

North Dakota

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer is running for reelection to a second term. He is unopposed for renomination and is favored to win reelection in November. Katrina Christiansen is unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

U.S. House

All eight primaries of interest this week are to determine a Republican nominee.

Maine District 2

Rep. Jared Golden is unopposed for the Democratic nomination; he is seeking a 4th term in office. 

Republican voters will choose between first-term State Reps. Austin Theriault and Mike Soboleski. Theriault, a former NASCAR driver, has raised the most money and has been endorsed by Donald Trump and several members of GOP House leadership.

This is a competitive general election district, particularly in a presidential election year. Maine is one of two states (Nebraska) to award an electoral vote based on the result in each congressional district. Donald Trump won the vote in this district both in 2016 and 2020, and he is favored again this year.

Nevada Districts 1, 3, 4

These districts are all held by Democrats, with each incumbent somewhat favored to win reelection in November. However, the districts are not deep blue - all were decided by mid-single digit margins in 2022. These primaries will determine the Republican challenger in each district.

In District 1, Dina Titus won a 6th term in 2022 over retired Army Colonel Mark Robertson in 2022. Five Republicans are seeking the nomination, including Robertson. His main opponent, restaurateur Flemming Larsen, has self-funded over $1 million to his campaign.

District 3 incumbent Susie Lee is seeking a 4th term. She won by a 4% margin in 2022. There are several viable candidates across the seven on the ballot. Gov. Joe Lombardo (R) has endorsed composer Mary O'Donnell.

In District 4, Democrat Steven Horsford is seeking a 4th term. He was reelected by about 5% in 2022. Donald Trump has endorsed former North Las Vegas mayor John Lee over his main challenger, David Flippo.

South Carolina Districts 1, 3, 4

Coincidentally, the districts worth watching in South Carolina are numbered the same as those in Nevada. That is where the similarity ends. All three seats here are held by Republicans, and none are seen as competitive in the general election. 

In South Carolina primaries, a runoff is required where no candidate gets a majority of the vote. Where necessary, those will take place on June 25.

In District 1, Incumbent Nancy Mace is seeking a third term. She has drawn two challengers, former state official Catherine Templeton and Marine veteran Bill Young. Mace is ahead in limited polling, but the presence of Young in the race may be enough to force a runoff between the incumbent and Templeton.

A one-time critic of Donald Trump, Mace has earned his endorsement as well as that of Speaker Mike Johnson. Her vote to remove Johnson's predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, has drawn his allies into the race to defeat her. 

District 3 incumbent Jeff Duncan, unopposed in 2022, is not seeking reelection. A large field is looking to succeed him. There's no clear frontrunner, but the nominee will likely be one of Sheri Biggs, Kevin Bishop, Mark Burns, or Stewart Jones. Burns has been endorsed by Trump, while Biggs earned the endorsement of Gov. Henry McMaster. Given the size of the field, a June 25 runoff is likely.

Three-term District 4 incumbent William Timmons is opposed from the right by State Rep. Adam Morgan. Timmons has Trump's endorsement, while an array of Freedom Caucus members are siding with Morgan.

North Dakota At-Large

The state is one of six with a single U.S. House representative. Incumbent Republican Kelly Armstrong is running for governor. He defeated independent Cara Mund by 62% to 38% in 2022. Mund is among five candidates seeking the GOP nomination this year. 

Julie Fedorchak, a member of the North Dakota Public Service Commission, received Donald Trump's endorsement late last month. In a poll taken the week prior to that, Fedorchak held a 32% to 25% edge over former State Rep. Rick Becker. Mund was third, with 10% support.

The Republican nominee will be heavily favored to succeed Armstrong.


North Dakota

Republican Gov. Doug Burgum is not seeking a 3rd term. Subsequent governors will not have that option, as voters approved a term-limit constitutional amendment in 2022.

Despite the lack of an incumbent, the Republican nominee will be heavily favored in November. That primary features the state's current at-large U.S. Rep. Kelly Armstrong and Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller.

While Burgum has endorsed Miller, Armstrong has Donald Trump and both of the state's U.S. Senators in his corner. Armstrong also has a large lead in limited polling.

State Sen. Merrill Piepkorn is unopposed for the Democratic nomination.


Las Vegas, Nevada

This will be the first time since before Y2K that a Goodman is not on the ballot. Oscar Goodman served the maximum three terms beginning in 1999; he was succeeded by his wife Carolyn in 2011. Carolyn Goodman is now completing her third term and ineligible to run. Oscar and Carolyn Goodman each identify as independents.

There are 14 candidates on the nonpartisan ballot. The most prominent are former U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley and city councilors Cedric Crear and Victoria Seaman. Seaman is a Republican, the other two are Democrats.

The top two finishers will meet in the November 5 general election.

Las Vegas is the nation's 24th largest city, with a population of about 661,000. This is based on Census Bureau population estimates as of July 1, 2023. 

These next two are not primaries.

North Dakota Congressional Age Limits Initiative

If enacted, this measure would amend the State Constitution to preclude individuals from being elected (or appointed) to Congress if they will reach 81 years old of age by the end of their term.1 1To be specific, the amendment says "December 31 of the year immediately preceding the end of the term." As terms end with the new Congress on January 3, this would seem to not apply to someone turning 81 during those first three days of January.

A 'Yes' vote is in favor of the amendment. If passed, it is likely to be challenged in court. In 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court said that states can't set qualifications for Congress in addition to those listed in the U.S. Constitution.




Ohio U.S. District 6 Special Election

This seat became vacant when Republican Bill Johnson resigned earlier this year. The winner of this special election will complete his term.

Michael Rulli and Michael Kripchak advanced from special primaries on March 19. Those two also won the regular primary for this seat on the same day. Regardless of the outcome, they will meet again in November for a full two-year term.

The district, in the eastern part of the state, is safely Republican. Johnson won his final election by a 68% to 32% margin in 2022.

Assuming Rulli prevails, the Republican majority in the House will grow to 219-213 when he is seated. The next vacancy to be filled is in Colorado's 4th congressional district. That special election, in another deep red district, takes place in two weeks.

Upcoming Elections

Down-ballot primaries will continue through early September. Bookmark the Statewide Primary Calendar for all these dates and links to live results.

  • June 18
    • Georgia Primary (Runoff)
    • Oklahoma Primary
      • Runoff August 27, as needed
    • Virginia Primary
  • June 25
    • Colorado Primary
    • New York Primary
    • South Carolina Primary (Runoff)
    • Utah Primary
  • July 2
    • Wisconsin State Senate District 4 Special Primary
  • July 16
    • New Jersey U.S. House District 10 Special Primary
  • July 30
    • Arizona Primary
      • Includes mayoral primaries in Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, and Scottsdale
    • Wisconsin State Senate District 4 Special General
  • August 1
    • Tennessee Primary
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