Overview and Live Results: Indiana Primary

Indiana holds its statewide primary Tuesday. This includes both presidential and down-ballot races. 

Polls close at 6:00 PM local time. Most of the state is on Eastern Time, but for those areas observing Central Time, that is 7:00 PM Eastern. For statewide primaries, no race calls will be made before the final polls close.

On this page, we highlight some of the key races. To see all results for the races we're tracking, see All Indiana Primary Results >>


President Joe Biden is unopposed for the Democratic nomination. He will add 79 pledged delegates to his total. Visit the Democratic Delegate Tracker to see full results by state and candidate.  

Republican Primary

Donald Trump and Nikki Haley are on the ballot. 31 delegates are based on the statewide vote; three based on the vote in each of the state's nine congressional districts. In each case, it is winner take all, with Trump expected to add all 58 delegates to his total.

Visit the Republican Delegate Tracker to see full results by state and candidate.

U.S. Senate

Sen. Mike Braun (R) is running for governor instead of seeking reelection to a second term. Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03) is unopposed for the Republican nomination, and will be favored in November.

Democratic Primary

Former State Rep. Marc Carmichael and psychologist Valerie McCray are seeking the party's nomination. 


Governor Eric Holcomb (R) is completing his second term and is ineligible to run due to term limit laws. Former state school superintendent Jennifer McCormick is unopposed for the Democratic nomination. 

Republican Primary

Sen. Mike Braun has held frontrunner status since joining the race in late 2022. While he has drawn three well-funded challengers, they are largely splitting the anti-Braun vote. 

In the most recent publicly-available poll, Braun saw 44% support, with Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch second at 10%. Former Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers and former Indiana Economic Development Corporation president Eric Doden were tied with 8%.

The winner of this primary will be favored to be the next governor.

U.S. House

There will be significant turnover in the nine-member House delegation, as three Republicans are leaving. Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03) is running for Senate, while Reps. Greg Pence (IN-06) and Larry Bucshon (IN-07) are retiring. A fourth Republican, Victoria Spartz (IN-05) changed her mind about retiring, and is now at risk of being ousted by voters.

These are safe GOP seats in the general election, so all the action will be in these four primaries.

Aside from District 8, these districts are all entirely within the Eastern Time Zone. In these cases, race calls can be made after 6:00 PM Eastern.

All U.S. House Primary Results >

District 3

A field of eight is looking to succeed Banks. The nominee will likely be one of of Wendy Davis, Tim Smith, Marlin Stutzman, or Andy Zay.

District 5

Spartz was the first House member to announce a retirement this cycle, making the decision just one month into the new Congress. A year later, she reversed course and decided to seek a third term. In the interim, however, a large number of candidates entered the race. 

State Rep. Chuck Goodrich appears to have the best chance to knock out the incumbent. This looks to be the most expensive congressional primary in the entire state this year.

District 6

Pence, the brother of former vice-president Mike Pence, is exiting after three terms.  There are seven candidates on the ballot. The frontrunners appear to be businessman Jefferson Shreve and State Rep. Mike Speedy.

Shreve spent millions in an unsuccessful bid to become Indianapolis mayor in 2023. As this district is largely within the Indianapolis media market, that prior effort brings him added name recognition. On the other hand, the more moderate positioning on issues required to compete for mayor may turn off some GOP primary voters. 

District 8

Bucshon is completing his 7th term, making him the most senior Republican in the House caucus. Eight are on the ballot, including John Hostettler, who represented a prior iteration of this district from 1995 to 2007.

Hostettler and State Sen. Mark Messmer appear to be the frontrunners. Hostettler's past voting record on Israel-related legislation has led to significant financial support for Messmer from outside groups.

General Assembly

Republicans dominate both chambers of the Indiana General Assembly. All State House and one half of State Senate seats are on the ballot this year.

In the Senate, there are 40 Republicans and nine Democrats; members serve four-year staggered terms.  All State Senate Primaries > 

In the House, the GOP partisan edge is 70-30; members serve two-year terms. All State House Primaries >

Upcoming Elections

In addition to the below, Republicans in Montana will hold a convention on May 18 to elect delegates. The statewide primary date of June 4 is out of compliance with party rules (too close to the date of the national convention). Doing it this way will preserve each state's full delegate allotment. These delegates are expected to be unpledged.

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    • Maryland Primary
    • Nebraska Primary
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      • Includes U.S. Senate Special Primary
    • North Carolina Primary Runoffs
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    • Anchorage Mayoral Runoff
  • May 21 
    • Georgia Primary 
      • Runoffs - as needed - June 18
    • Idaho Primary 
    • Kentucky Primary
    • Oregon Primary
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        • GOP Primary is advisory; delegates to be chosen on May 25
    • California U.S. House District 20 Special
  • May 23
  • May 25
    • Oregon Republican Presidential Convention
  • May 28
    • Texas Primary Runoff
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