Uncontested: 2024 U.S. House Races with Single Major Party Participation

One of the more popular pages on the site in 2022 was a list of 35 U.S. House races being contested by only one of the two major parties. We're bringing that back for 2024, and will be updating it after each statewide downballot primary.

Although only eight states have held that primary thus far, the group combined represents 151 districts, more than 1/3 of the total 435.

At this point, there are 23 districts on the list. In some states, changes are possible after the major party primaries. As a result, some districts initially on the list could be reclassified or removed. For the most current information, see 2024 Uncontested U.S. House Races >>.

We divide the list into three categories. Totals in each group are as of the time of publication.

Totally Unopposed: These are districts where one major party has the ballot all to themselves. The only opposition is write-in, where allowed. Because of redistricting in North Carolina, a Democratic-held seat is only being contested by Republicans, guaranteeing a flip. Including that district, there are 11 Republicans and five Democrats in this group.

No Major Party Opposition: These elections have certified third party or independent opponents to the major party candidate on the ballot. There are two Republicans and one Democrat in this group. Note that some districts currently in the 'totally unopposed' list will eventually be reclassified here. This happens due to later filing deadlines for independents, as well as third parties selecting nominees outside of the state-run process. For example, the Texas Libertarian Party Convention is this weekend, and is likely to nominate candidates to some House races where only one party participated in the state's March 5 primary.

Same Party Opposition: California and Washington hold primaries where all candidates, regardless of party, appear on a single ballot. The two highest finishers advance to the general election. In some cases, that can be two candidates of the same party. Four such districts came out of California's March primary.

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