Overview and Live Results: Election Day in Louisiana

Last month, Louisiana held its majority vote primary. Elections that day were decided where one candidate got a majority of the vote. This included the governor's race, where Republican Jeff Landry got 52% support. He will take office in early January.

In those cases where no candidate won outright, the top two finishers meet in Saturday's general election.

Polls close at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

Statewide Offices

Secretary of State

Republican Kyle Ardoin did not seek reelection. Eight candidates competed on the primary ballot, with six of them getting between 10% and 20% support. The two frontrunners, Republican Nancy Landry and Democrat Gwen Collins-Greenup both finished with just over 19%, and were separated by less than 1,000 votes.

As it is sometimes predictive, it is worth noting that the total Republican vote across five candidates was 68.3%, while two Democrats combined for 30.4%. The lone independent had the remaining 1.3%

Landry is a former state representative who is currently First Assistant Secretary of State. Collins-Greenup is an attorney, who also made the top-two election in 2019 before losing to Ardoin.

Attorney General

Incumbent Republican Jeff Landry successfully ran for governor. Republican Liz Murrill (45% of the vote) and Democrat Lindsey Cheek (23%) advanced from the five-person primary field. The winner will become the state's first female Attorney General.

Looking at the overall primary vote, Republicans led by 69% to 31%.

Murrill is the Solicitor General of Louisiana, while Cheek is a trial lawyer.

State Legislature

State Senate

Republicans held a 27-12 edge in the Louisiana State Senate heading into these elections. All but two races were decided in October; Republicans gained one seat.

There's not a lot of suspense - from a winning party perspective - in the general election. Two Republicans advanced in District 21, while two Democrats will compete in District 39.

Assuming no vacancies in the interim, the next session of the State Senate will start with a 28-11 Republican advantage.

State House

Republicans also have a large margin in the Louisiana House of Representatives. Heading into the election, the party had 71 seats vs. 33 for Democrats. An independent held the final seat; he resigned in August.

18 elections will be decided on Saturday. 13 are single-party, nine featuring two Republicans, four have two Democrats. Select 'Change Race' in the results embed below to view the desired district.

Upcoming Elections

This list includes elections for the remainder of 2023. Looking ahead? Bookmark the 2024 Presidential Election Calendar

  • November 21
    • Utah Congressional District 2 Special
  • November 28
    • Mississippi Runoffs, as needed
  • December 5
    • Florida State House District 118 Special
    • Minnesota State House District 52B Special
    • New Hampshire State House Districts Coos 1 and 6 Special (Primary)
  • December 9
    • Houston Mayoral Runoff
  • December 12
    • Oklahoma State House District 32 Special
    • Oklahoma State Senate District 38 Special (Primary) 
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