October 24 Elections: Three Legislative Special Primaries

Three legislative special primaries are the final contests before Election Day on November 7. 

Alabama State House Districts 16 and 55 (Runoffs)

Republicans dominate the Alabama State House, holding 75 seats, to just 27 for Democrats. There are three vacancies. Members serve four-year terms; the next regular elections are in 2026. 

The two runoffs below were needed when no candidate received a majority of the vote in the September 26 primary. The special general elections for these seats is January 9.

Polls close at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

District 16: Republicans Brad Cox and Bryan Brinyark were separated by just 15 votes in the primary. Both received about 33% support. The Democratic nominee is John Underwood.

District 55: Democrats Travis Hendrix (28% of the vote) and Sylvia Swayne (21%) were the top two finishers. No Republicans are contesting the seat, so the winner of Tuesday's runoff will almost certainly be the next representative from this district.

South Carolina State Senate District 19

Republicans hold a commanding 30-13 edge in the South Carolina State Senate. There is one independent, along with vacancies in Districts 19 and 42. The District 42 vacancy will be filled on November 7.

Members serve four year terms; the next regular elections are in 2024.

District 19 is just north of the state capital, Columbia. Democrat John Scott, who served in the State House from 1990 to 2008 before winning election to the State Senate, died in August.

Four Democrats are competing for the party's nomination. If none gets a majority of the vote, a top-two runoff will take place on November 7.

The winner will meet Republican nominee Kizzie Smalls and two third party candidates in the January 2 special general election.

Polls close at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Upcoming Elections

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  • November 7
    • Kentucky, Mississippi Governor
    • State Legislature: Mississippi, New Jersey, Virginia
    • Rhode Island Congressional District 1 Special
    • Mayors:  Aurora, CO; Boise, ID; Charlotte, NC; Columbus, OH; Durham NC; Fort Wayne, IN; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Spokane, WA; Tucson, AZ; Wichita, KS
    • Legislative Special Elections:  FL State House District 35 (Primary), KY State House District 93, MA State Senate District Worcester & Hampshire, ME State House District 50, NH State House District Hillsborough 3,  RI State Senate District 1, SC State Senate District 42, TX State House District 2
    • Pennsylvania Supreme Court
    • Ohio Issue 1 (Constitutional Amendment on reproductive rights)
  • November 16
    • Minnesota State House District 52B Special (Primary)
  • November 18
    • Louisiana General Election (Top-two runoffs, as needed)
  • November 21
    • Utah Congressional District 2 Special
  • November 29
    • Mississippi Runoffs, as needed
  • December 5
    • Florida State House District 118 Special
    • Minnesota State House District 52B Special
    • New Hampshire State House Districts Coos 1 and 6 Special (Primary)
    • Orlando Mayoral Runoff, if needed
  • December 7
    • Boise Mayoral Runoff, if needed
  • December 9
    • Houston Mayoral Runoff, if needed
  • December 12
    • Oklahoma State House District 32 Special
    • Oklahoma State Senate District 38 Special (Primary) 
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