Live Florida Election Results: Tampa Mayor, House District 24 Special GOP Primary

There is one year until the Super Tuesday presidential primaries on March 5, 2024.

In addition to the elections below, there is a statewide ballot initiative in Oklahoma on the legalization of recreational marijuana.  Live Results >

Returning to the here and now, it's a quiet week on the election front. We'll have results for two Florida elections on Tuesday. Polls close at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Legislative Special Election

Florida State House District 24 (Primary)

Republicans dominate the Florida House of Representatives, holding 84 of 120 seats. There are 35 Democrats, along with a vacancy in District 24. Members serve two-year terms, with the next regular elections in 2024.

District 24 is in and around Ocala. Republican Joe Harding resigned in early December after being indicted on federal wire fraud charges.  

No Democrats filed for the race, so there is no party primary. Five Republicans qualified for the GOP primary, which is expected to be competitive. The winner will be the only candidate on the May 16 special election ballot, although there is a qualified write-in candidate, Robert Fox.

Mayoral Election

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is the nation's 52nd largest city with a population of about 387,000.1 1Population rankings are based on July 1, 2021 Census Bureau population estimates. They are for the city itself, not the associated metropolitan area.

The mayor is Democrat Jane Castor, who is completing her first four-year term. She is unopposed on the nonpartisan ballot, although there is a qualified write-in candidate, Belinda Noah.  

Upcoming Elections


  • March 14
    • Tennessee State House District 86
  • March 21
    • Georgia State House District 75 (April 18 runoff, if necessary)
  • March 25
    • Louisiana House District 93
  • March 28
    • New Hampshire State House District Hillsborough 3 (Primary)
    • Virginia State Senate District 9
  • April 4
    • Wisconsin State Senate District 8


  • March 21
    • Jacksonville, Florida (May 16 runoff, if necessary)
  • April 4
    • Chicago, Illinois (Runoff)
    • Colorado Springs, Colorado (May 16 runoff, if necessary)
    • Denver, Colorado (June 6 runoff, if necessary)
    • Kansas City, Missouri (Primary)
    • Lincoln, Nebraska (Primary)
    • Madison, Wisconsin


  • April 4
    • Wisconsin Supreme Court
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