House Update: Redistricting, Consensus and Competitive Maps, Retirements and Vacancies


Locate and view your new congressional district. Result includes a side by side map comparison of how the district shape will change. Not yet available for Missouri, New Hampshire, or New York.

New Hampshire is the only state without an active map. The latest proposal was approved by the Legislature; Gov. Chris Sununu has not indicated if he will sign it. The Legislature and Governor have been at odds, with Sununu preferring both districts be competitive, as has been the case in the past. The Legislature is attempting to make both district more partisan, to increase the likelihood of a GOP victory in District 1. The State Supreme Court has also weighed in, imposing a June 1 deadline after which the justices will draw the maps.

Litigation remains active in some other states, most notably in Florida. Given calendar realities, it is becoming less likely that any of those efforts will affect the maps in place for this year's elections.

Consensus Map

With New York redistricting complete, forecasters are issuing their initial ratings. The Consensus Map has been updated to reflect these changes.

Competitive Map

We have a blank 2022 map, for those that want to build a forecast from scratch. In the Competitive Map, districts are shown as red or blue except where one or more forecasters has rated the district as something other than 'safe'. As of now, 96 of the 433 districts with ratings fall in that category. These range from true toss-ups to those just barely on the competitive radar. New Hampshire will likely add one or two more, depending on where the line is drawn


52 current members of the House - 33 Democrats and 19 Republicans - will not be standing for reelection in November.  17 of those are running for another office, while four have been defeated in party primaries. Click on the map below to see the full list.

Vacancy and Special Election

There are currently 220 Democrats and 208 Republicans in the House, along with seven vacancies.

District Party* Primary General Notes
AK-AL R June 11 August 16 Don Young died in April. About 50 candidates will be on the all-party primary ballot. The top four will advance to the general, which will be conducted using ranked choice voting.
CA-22 R April 5 June 7 Connie Conway (R, 35% of the vote) and Lourin Hubbard (D, 19%) advanced from the all-party primary.
MN-1 R May 24 August 9 Jim Hagedorn died in February. Brad Finstad (R) and Jeff Ettinger (D) won their respective party primaries.
NE-1 R   June 28 Jeff Fortenberry resigned in March. The parties directly nominated Mike Flood (R) and Patty Brooks (D)
NY-19 D   August 23 Anthony Delgado resigned May 25 to become Lt. Gov. of New York. Nominees will be selected directly by the parties.
NY-23 R   August 23 Tom Reed resigned earlier in May. Nominees will be selected directly by the parties.
TX-34 D   June 14 Filemon Vela resigned in March. Two Democrats and two Republicans are on the all-party ballot. If no candidate gets a majority, a runoff will be held at a later date.

* Party of prior incumbent

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